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Alumni Success Stories

MHS Graduates Making a Positive Impact

Thousands of Milton Hershey School graduates have found their own way to make a positive impact on the world. Their dedication to building an impactful life is, in part, due to the foundation built at MHS. Now, by sharing their stories, our alumni serve as role models and help set the foundation for new generations of Milts.

Read on to learn more about the accomplished alumni of Milton Hershey School.

Erica Ratiner ’93

When Erica Ratiner ’93 toured Milton Hershey School, she made the decision to apply. She enrolled at MHS at the end of her seventh-grade year and had access to opportunities...

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Jeff Cooke, Sr. ’83

Jeff Cooke, Sr. ’83 describes his time at Milton Hershey School as transformative. When he was growing up he recognized that he was headed down a bad path, not because...

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Alexandra Cruz ’07

When asked to describe Milton Hershey School, Alexandra Cruz ’07 automatically thought of the word ‘welcoming.’ “Because I came from similar backgrounds to everybody else, it didn’t matter what I’d...

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Jason Brown ’99

From a young age, Milton Hershey School was a place of opportunity for Jason Brown ’99 and his twin brother. MHS had fresh air, comfort, and sports teams — things...

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Ashley Altman ’07

Ashley Altman ’07 enrolled at Milton Hershey School for financial and social reasons. While she knew what it was like to get good grades, she did not have the financial...

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Gabriella Harris ’08

Gabriella Harris ’08 says if she could use one word to describe her experience at Milton Hershey School, it would be blessed. “I was taken out of an environment that...

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Joshua Arledge ’15

From a young age, Joshua Arledge ’15 dreamed of a different life. Growing up in rural South Carolina with 10 brothers and sisters in a four-bedroom trailer, Joshua always hoped...

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Marilyn Pantoja ’03

Marilyn Pantoja ’03 received the MHS Alumni Achievement Award for Community Service in 2013. Career-wise, she is currently a supervisor R.N. – care, case, and disease management. Marilyn Pantoja ’03...

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Aaron Nowlin ’12

When Aaron Nowlin ’12 came to Milton Hershey School in his freshman year, he didn’t know where he saw his future. It took the help of an MHS employee to...

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Marcus Paul James ’99

When NBC aired its live production of “The Wiz” Thursday, Dec. 3, 2015, Milton Hershey School alumni might have recognized one of the ensemble members as Marcus Paul James ’99....

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Gracie Martinez ’10

Gracie Martinez graduated from Milton Hershey School in 2010. Since then, her life has become all things rugby. When you ask her why she plays, Milton Hershey School is woven...

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Chuck and Cyndi Seidel ’87

Chuck and Cyndi Seidel both graduated from Milton Hershey School in 1987. Chuck recently retired as a Lt. Col. in the U.S. Air Force after a 27-year military career. He...

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John Foley ’83

John Foley ’83 is actively involved in the Hershey community. He is the Chairman of the Derry Township Supervisors and joined the Derry Township Industrial & Commercial Development Authority in...

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2009 Alumnus of the Year: Dr. Mary (Trinh) Pentel ’86

Dr. Mary (Trinh) Pentel ’86 was the 2009 Alumna of the Year and the first female to earn this honor. She is the owner of Southside Dermatology in Jacksonville, Fla.,...

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