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Tag: School History

The Hartmans and the Main

The Deed of Trust, which created The Hershey Industrial School, stipulated that all students admitted, “shall be fed with plain, wholesome food; plainly, neatly, and comfortably clothed, without distinctive dress,...

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The Gift and Vision That Amazed the World

November 13   marks the 100th anniversary of Milton Hershey’s decision to ensure the well-being and future of Milton Hershey School in perpetuity. He placed the bulk of his fortune—5,000 shares...

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George and Prudence Copenhaver

George Copenhaver served The Hershey Industrial School, now Milton Hershey School, as the first superintendent from 1909 until his death in 1938. For the first few years of the school,...

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How the Hersheys Developed Both a School and a Home

“I wanted to get away from the idea of institutions and charity and compulsion, and to give as many boys as possible real homes, real comforts, education, and training, so...

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The Women Who Shaped MHS

Women have been an integral part of Milton Hershey School from its earliest days. Beginning with Catherine Hershey’s direct involvement, MHS benefitted not only from a woman’s touch, but a...

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