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Whole Child Care Collection

As leaders in holistic education, Milton Hershey School staff believe providing for students’ daily needs is essential to their success. See how we lead the way in thought leadership.

From the Classroom to a Student Home, Empty Nesters Impact Youth as Houseparents

Featuring Preston and Louise Morgan, MHS Houseparents After raising their family in Texas, Preston and Louise Morgan became empty nesters looking for a new opportunity in Pennsylvania near relatives. That’s...

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Previous Educator Teaches Life Skills as a Houseparent at Milton Hershey School

Featuring Brian and Deepa Black, MHS Houseparents Deepa and Brian Black were happily living in North Texas when they learned about a new opportunity to impact the lives of youth—becoming...

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WHYY Philadelphia Highlights the Need for Catherine Hershey Schools for Early Learning

Featuring Senate Alexander ’06, Esq., CHS Executive Director As families across the United States struggle to access good child care and effective early learning supports, the need for high-quality early...

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Houseparent Recruiter Shares Firsthand Experience and Passion for the Role

Featuring Salim Hanna, Milton Hershey School Recruiter As a previous camp and conference center employee, Salim (Sal) Hanna has always had a passion for impacting the lives of youth. Sal...

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Poverty Talks Series: The Legacy of Milton and Catherine Hershey Continues at Milton Hershey School

By Lisa Scullin, MHS Vice President of Communications When you ask a parent what they want most for their child, it’s typical to hear words like, well-rounded, healthy, kind, compassionate,...

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American Essence Magazine Shares the Story of Milton Hershey School and its Philanthropic Founders

Unable to have children of their own, Milton and Catherine Hershey decided to leave a gift that would allow thousands of kids to achieve their dreams. In 1909, they founded...

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American Essence Magazine Highlights Milton Hershey’s Philanthropy

Written by Krista Thomas American Essence Magazine, December 2021 Issue One could say that philanthropy is good for the nation and good for the soul. In fact, philanthropy is a...

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Milton Hershey School Releases 2020-21 Annual Report

Milton Hershey School is proud to share the 2020-21 Brown and Gold Annual Report. This report showcases how, despite the challenges of the pandemic, our school stayed open and the...

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Milton Hershey School to Host Poverty Talks Live Stream Conversations

Childhood poverty is a national crisis in the United States. That was one reason why, in 1909, Milton and Catherine Hershey decided to create a home and school for orphaned boys....

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Ododo Walsh ’98

Milton Hershey School and New York City, though within neighboring states, are worlds apart when alumna Ododo Walsh ’98 reflects on her childhood in poverty. “I was living in New...

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