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  • Transforming Your Child’s Future with a Top-Notch Education

    At Milton Hershey School, we believe every child deserves a top-notch education with small class sizes, one-on-one classroom instruction, access to the latest technology, and opportunities to earn scholarships towards continuing education. Your child will benefit from individualized attention, a nurturing home life environment, and medical and dental care—all at no cost to your family. Learn more about the admissions process.

    MHS Admissions

  • A Safe and Supportive Environment to Live and Learn

    Students at Milton Hershey School are given the opportunity to excel academically and socially through athletics, the visual and performing arts, and other extra-curricular activities. All students have the ability to create their own experiences to fit their educational and social needs. In a safe and supportive environment, students discover their interests and participate in enriching campus activities. See what life is like at MHS!

    Life at MHS

  • Celebrating Diversity and Encouraging Respect

    At Milton Hershey School, we focus on staying true to Milton and Catherine Hershey’s mission of community and mutual respect. MHS students live and learn in classrooms and homes that celebrate diversity and encourage respect. Students come from different backgrounds, and learn to appreciate each other’s differences to develop lifelong friendships.

    A Diverse Campus to Call Home

  • How Schools Can Help Break the Cycle of Poverty: A Whole Child Approach

    More than 16 million children in the United States—nearly one out of four—live below the federal poverty level with their families earning less than $23,550 annually. These low-income households face many challenges, from lacking economic resources, to little or no access to health and wellness care. Read the white paper, “How Schools Can Help Break the Cycle of Poverty: A Whole Child Approach” to gain valuable insight into the specific challenges children from poverty face.

    Read the White Paper

  • Developing Creativity and Collaboration Through the Arts

    With a history of developing well-rounded students who care about the world around them, the arts are a major part of Milton Hershey School’s STEAM curriculum. By participating in musical ensembles, performance groups, art classes, and more, students of all ages gain important skills—such as teamwork and collaboration—that are instrumental to their success after graduation. Learn more about the Visual and Performing Arts program at MHS.

    MHS Visual and Performing Arts Program

  • Experiential Learning and Hands-On Experience

    Milton Hershey School’s Agricultural and Environmental Education (AEE) department represents an extensive program that engages pre-K through 12th grade students with exposure to environmental and agricultural contexts through experiential learning opportunities. AEE provides MHS students hands-on experience with crops, orchards, floriculture, beef cattle, dairy goats, sheep, small animals and horses. Learn more!

    MHS Agricultural and Environmental Education Program

  • Life-Changing Careers and the Power to Make a Difference

    At Milton Hershey School, our employees shape the lives of the students they serve every day.   Employees bring diverse skills and experiences to our school community. The common thread we share is our commitment to the school’s mission of building brighter futures for children from low income backgrounds. View a list of current career opportunities at MHS!

    Career Opportunities at MHS