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Thought Leaders in Education

Milton Hershey School Thought Leadership

Milton Hershey School is one of the world’s best private schools, hiring industry leaders to best serve our students so they can break the cycle of poverty. Our employees demonstrate thought leadership in education, whole child care, college and career readiness, diversity and inclusion, safety, and more.

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MHS Experts

Interested in speaking with an MHS subject-matter expert? We can connect you with our experts in the following areas:

  • Education
  • Whole child care
  • College and career readiness
  • Diversity and inclusion
  • Safety

Contact us to set up an interview to fulfill your print, broadcast, or digital media needs. We look forward to sharing our thought leadership expertise with you.

An aerial view of the Milton Hershey School campus located in Hershey, Pennsylvania.

MHS Areas of Thought Leadership

MHS is an education industry leader in many areas, supporting the successful growth of children for more than 110 years. Read on to see how we are impacting the lives of today’s students while sharing our knowledge and thought leadership with our peers and media.

MHS teacher Tony Sedun is respected as a thought leader in education.

Top-Notch Education

At MHS, we strongly believe every child deserves the best teachers, facilities, and academics—regardless of a family’s income. Every day we see exactly what our students can achieve when given the best opportunities in education.

MHS Teachers Embody Excellence

Education experts are core to the makeup of MHS staff. Their goal is to help MHS students achieve success by giving them the best opportunities in education. Tony Sedun, a Middle Division English teacher, shares his MHS experience as a thought leader.

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Milton Hershey School health and wellness programming for students

Whole Child Care

Whole child care at MHS removes barriers to learning by providing all students with medical, dental, psychological, behavioral, and social work services, as well as clothing and nutritious food, at no cost to their families.

Providing for Daily Needs

At MHS, we believe every student’s future is full of possibilities. We work to eliminate the stress surrounding providing for daily needs. We also provide access to free healthcare for all students.

Emotional Health

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Mentor Relationships

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Caring Adults

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MHS Staff are Committed to Complete Student Health

MHS employs experts in the area of whole child care, from nurses and dental hygienists to psychotherapists and social workers. Mike Valle, Assistant Director of Psychological Services, explains the importance of whole child care at MHS.

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A Milton Hershey School College and Career Counselor has a meeting with a student to discuss postgraduate plans.

College and Career Readiness

MHS supports its students before and after graduation day. The school’s Graduate Program for Success (GPS) Division provides individualized support to Senior Division students and graduates to best navigate life after MHS.

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Outcomes Beyond Compare

Milton Hershey School fuels its graduates with the resources they need to be their greatest selves. Thousands of MHS graduates have found success post graduation.

Learn About Our Outcomes
Milton Hershey School alumna Hannah Monette shares her story

MHS Alumna Finds Passion

“As a product of a low-income family, I know the struggles of trying to figure out college on your own, but that motivates me every day in my role,” said Hannah Monette ’16.

Milton Hershey School alumnus Nicky Ren shares his story

Proud Grad Reaches Dream

“The intangible skill sets that I developed at MHS allowed me to thrive in college, and I’m looking forward to tapping into these same skills again in the workplace,” said Nicky Ren ’17.

Milton Hershey School alumna Ladayah Robinson shares her MHS story

MHS Becomes Family

“There is no doubt that the school is a community that no one else will understand unless you’re a MILT. MHS has become my heart and family,” said Ladayah Robinson ’18

College and Career Readiness is a Hallmark of MHS

Graduate Programs for Success (GPS) provides individualized support to Senior Division students and graduates to best navigate life after MHS. One College and Career Counselor William Zapata-Morales talks more about the powerful role and commitment he and his colleagues share.

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Milton Hershey School Special Assistant to the President for Diversity and Inclusion Fonati Abrokwa '01

Diversity and Inclusion

At MHS, we welcome students from many different cultures. See how we’re helping students of all ages gain an understanding and appreciation for diversity and inclusion.

MHS Leads the Way in Diversity and Inclusion

Milton Hershey School is a welcoming environment for over 2,000 students from many different cultures. Assistant to the President for Diversity and Inclusion Fonati Abrokwa talks about diversity and inclusion efforts at MHS and how she, as a thought leader in the field, is able to enrich experiences across campus for the MHS community.

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Perry Tolbert and Rick Gilbert

Campus Safety

MHS Campus Safety provides the highest standard of safety. From fielding communications and dispatching resources, to handling emergency service requests, our internal team is on-task and ready to help.

MHS Sets High Standards for Safety Among U.S. Schools

MHS students and their families are given peace of mind for the safety of their children while they are enrolled at MHS. Tracy Shull, a campus safety officer, shares the importance of her team’s role in students’ safety as well as how her 17 years of experience as a state trooper prior to working at MHS makes her a thought leader in the industry.

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Andrea Elliott and Trymaine Lee engage in a meaningful conversation about Invisible Child book.

Shining a Light on Childhood Poverty

As an educational leader, MHS has supported the successful growth of children for more than 110 years with all costs covered. On Monday, Nov. 14, MHS welcomed Pulitzer-Prize winning journalists Andrea Elliott and Trymaine Lee ’96 to Founders Hall for a conversation about Elliott’s best-selling book, “Invisible Child: Poverty, Survival, and Hope in an American City.”

A Place Where Kids Can Be Kids

Living and learning at Milton Hershey School lets kids be kids. It eliminates day-to-day worries like having clothing or enough food. MHS and its thought leaders provide for all students’ daily needs within a loving and inclusive community.

No Worries

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We All Have Differences

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Be Your Greatest Self

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Virtual Campus Tour

Navigate through Milton Hershey School’s scenic campus and learn why MHS is a school like no other.

MHS Community E-Newsletter

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A Milton Hershey School Middle Division teacher and her students smile for a photo in her classroom.

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A Milton Hershey School student works in the greenhouse as part of the curriculum for the Agriculture and Natural Resources career pathway.

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Milton Hershey School does not discriminate in admissions or other programs and services on the basis of race, color, national or ethnic origin, ancestry, sex, religious creed or disability. Read important MHS policies on equal opportunity and diversity, equal employment opportunity, and more.