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Facing the Challenges of Poverty Head On

Milton Hershey School Poverty Talks

Since 1909, Milton Hershey School has played a critical role in helping qualifying students break the cycle of poverty and lead healthy, fulfilling, and productive lives. As an educational leader, MHS has supported the successful growth of children for more than 110 years with all costs covered.

Watch our award-winning four-part livestream series focused on the childhood poverty crisis in the United States. Learn how MHS and its thought leaders are facing the challenges of poverty head on.

Watch the Poverty Talks Series

In this award-winning thought leadership series, Lisa Scullin, MHS Vice President of Communications, was joined by MHS staff to discuss how our mission helps educate and nurture children from qualifying families. Watch the Poverty Talks expert panel discussions.

A Whole Child Approach to Education

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Engaging with Parents and Sponsors

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The Impact of Early Childhood Education

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The Impact of Houseparents

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Milton Hershey School health and wellness programming for students

Our Whole Child Approach

At MHS, we believe that the best way to help qualifying students reach their fullest potential is with a whole child approach to education that acknowledges and addresses the specific challenges children face, both inside and outside the classroom.

This whole child approach to education is more critical now than ever before, especially as the pandemic has disproportionately affected qualifying families and widened the education gap.

Providing for Daily NeedsHouseparenting and Home Life

Adverse Childhood Experiences

Every MHS student comes from poverty—but that’s only part of the challenging life circumstances before enrolling. Poverty also contributes to the accumulation of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs), defined as traumatic events experienced by children before the age of 18.

Research shows that ACEs can put a child at greater risk for physical and mental health problems throughout their lifetime. At MHS, our approach to whole child care focuses on the effective ways to help children recover from ACEs by providing them with stable support, resources, and the strategies to persevere and succeed.

MHS Resources to Increase Success

Childhood poverty is a national crisis in the United States. MHS helps thousands of students find their passions and become their greatest selves. With our wealth of resources, we support each child on whatever path they choose to support whomever they want to be.

Milton Hershey School alumna Fonati Abrokwa ’01, diversity and inclusion thought leader, meets with Elementary Division students.

Sharing Our Knowledge

MHS hires industry leaders to best serve our students. Our employees demonstrate thought leadership in education, whole child care, college and career readiness, diversity and inclusion, safety, and more. See how we are impacting the lives of today’s students while sharing our knowledge and thought leadership with our peers and community.

Thought Leadership Content
Milton Hershey School houseparents helping with homework

Staff Impacting Student Outcomes

Each employee helps to shape the lives of the students we serve at MHS. Whether students graduate from the school or not, the MHS community leaves imprints and helps students to lead healthy, fulfilling, and productive lives.

Careers Worth Every MinuteRead an Alumni Success Story

Catherine Hershey Schools for Early Learning students with teacher.

Early Childhood Education

MHS has announced an expansion of our mission into early childhood education. We will serve more children in need with the opening of Catherine Hershey Schools for Early Learning.

This will take our whole child approach further, working with children from birth to age 5 and increasing their chances for success. CHS will offer integrated support services to families of enrolled children with a dedicated family resource center.

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