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Tag: College and Career Readiness

College and Career Readiness Collection

Because every child’s path to progress is different, Milton Hershey School students are guided by experts in the Graduate Programs for Success (GPS) Division to ensure achievement after high school. See how we lead the way in thought leadership.

Milton Hershey School Students Learn about Wholesome Food from Penn State Health

In the Milton Hershey School Deed of Trust, founder Milton S. Hershey wrote that “All children admitted to the School shall be fed with plain, wholesome food; plainly, neatly, and...

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Milton Hershey School Students Pitch Big Ideas Through Hershey Honors Business Class

In a room full of Fortune 400 company executives, 15 young innovators recently pitched big ideas for The Hershey Company.  Some worked solo. Others shared the stage with a teammate....

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Milton Hershey School Investment Club Ranks High in State

In the past nine weeks, Milton Hershey School students watched stocks and their knowledge of them grow. Thanks to help from the school’s partners at the Hershey Trust Company, the...

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How Milton Hershey School Pre-Apprenticeship Program Prepared Me for Workforce

By Allen Snyder, MHS Senior In August, Milton Hershey School gave me the opportunity to participate in the Pre-Apprenticeship Program. Students in the program completed a two-week training that helped...

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Milton Hershey School Elementary Students Exposed to Drone and Carpentry Classes

When Milton Hershey School senior Alhaji Saccoh was an elementary school student, drone aviation was not a valuable skill. Times have changed, and this year Alhaji is learning how to...

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Milton Hershey School Students Explore Careers through International Travel

International travel allows young adults to become global thinkers and gain valuable leadership skills of civic responsibility, ethics, and empathy. At Milton Hershey School, elevating our students’ global awareness and...

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Milton Hershey School Students ‘Ring the Bell’ on a Sweet Summer Internship

Learning by doing has always been the educational way for Milton Hershey School students. It’s based on Milton and Catherine Hershey’s own vision for the school—rooted in Mr. Hershey’s own...

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Milton Hershey School Hosts Career and Technical Education Fair

Milton Hershey School Senior Division students recently presented their Elementary Division peers with a sneak peek into what their futures may hold. The school’s annual Career and Technical Education (CTE)...

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Milton Hershey School Senior Received the Gift of Opportunity

By Chase Usner, MHS Senior As I’ve gotten older, there is not much I can remember from before the age of four. It was a milestone year for me because...

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NASA Astronaut Visits Milton Hershey School for an Out of this World Experience

On Thursday, May 11 Robert (Bob) Hines traveled to Hershey, Pennsylvania to visit Milton Hershey School students. While speaking with students, Hines shared how his journey led him to being...

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