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High School Study Abroad

Learning Across Cultures

The MHS Multicultural and Global Education program’s goal is to grow awareness of global careers through experiences. Students are exposed to people and cultures of all types in the classroom. We offer all MHS high schoolers the chance to travel across the world. We seek to expand our students’ awareness of and empathy for others through service. This learning prepares MHS students for success in today’s global workforce.

Milton Hershey School students attend a multicultural and global education program trip to Iceland.

Creating Global Thinkers

Elevating global awareness and understanding is a high priority at MHS and is highlighted out in our 2020-25 Vision Strategic Plan. Leadership and character growth come from this learning. Besides aligning with our Sacred Values, these traits are prized in today’s workforce.

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In the Classroom at Every Level

Global interdependence brings responsibility and opportunities. We want students to recognize this. One way is by working global lessons into all levels of student curriculum, pre-K through 12th grade.

As a school, we adopted a resource to help us align classroom multicultural and global education experiences: UN Sustainable Development Goals. Learning is intentional and oftentimes focused on solving global problems in the local community. Learn more about education in each MHS division.

Elementary DivisionMiddle DivisionSenior Division

Milton Hershey School students learn about the forest and planting mangrove trees during a Multicultural and Global Education trip to Panama.

Gaining New Skills

Multicultural experiences create global thinkers with personal skills and values. They become prepared for active citizenship. They gain college credits and career success in our globally connected world. We see many important leadership skills emerge through this exposure, including:

  • Civic responsibility
  • Ethics and empathy
  • Working together
  • A better knowledge of themselves, others, and the systems in which they live
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International Learning Experiences

Each year, Milton Hershey School coordinates two all-expenses-paid student trips abroad for 50 students in 9th through 11th grade. The International Learning Experiences program supports the entire experience both financially and logistically.

See Our Students Seeing the World

Destination Peru

When Lester, a junior at MHS, visited Peru on a Multicultural and Global Education program trip, he became more empathic. He gained a better understanding of the Peruvian people and was able to grow both an individual and as a global citizen.

Video Poster

Exploring Ghana

When 17 MHS students and six staff members traveled to the African nation of Ghana, they were each impacted. Hear all about what they experienced and learned about the country and its ties to the Hershey region through cocoa production.

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Milton Hershey School students volunteer at a food bank in Fayette County, Pennsylvania as part of a Domestic Service Learning Experience.

Learning through Giving

Milton and Catherine Hershey created a rich tradition of service that resonates with students and alumni more than 113 years later. Our students learn how important it is to live a life of purpose and take care of others.


Milton Hershey School does not discriminate in admissions or other programs and services on the basis of race, color, national or ethnic origin, ancestry, sex, religious creed or disability. Read important MHS policies on equal opportunity and diversity, equal employment opportunity, and more.