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2020 Vision Strategic Plan

Strategic Vision for Focused Success

Milton Hershey School’s 2020 Vision strategic plan identifies the school’s priorities. It serves as our compass, guiding all we do. This five-year plan calls on all MHS community members to re-commit to the mission and vision of Milton and Catherine Hershey. By successfully addressing these priorities through clearly defined tactics, we will make our school better—and better serve our students.

Milton Hershey School Middle Division students pause for a photo outside of school.


President Peter Gurt ’85 introduced the 2020 Vision strategic plan during the 2014-15 academic year. At that time, the school’s leadership, faculty, and staff recommitted to Milton and Catherine Hershey’s mission and vision when they donated their fortune to start our school. For over 100 years, this generosity has allowed MHS to improve the lives of thousands of children across the country.

Now it is time to work together to make a bigger impact. Our goal is to help today’s students reach their full potential as students and graduates.


The 2020 Vision Mark

The compass at the center reminds us that “The Hersheys’ vision is our compass.” Their foresight is at the center of everything we do and anchors our vision for the future: the 2020 Vision. Like a pebble that impacts a pool of water in a way that ripples far beyond what we can see, our 2020 Vision foresees the impact our students will have on their families, friends, and communities as a result of the limitless opportunities afforded to them by Milton Hershey School. The rings surrounding the compass represent the impact we will make today that will continue to ripple in the lives of our students through the year 2020 and beyond.

Three Goals of Vision 2020

Vision 2020 is built on three major goals:

  1. Cultivate strength of character and deliver a top-notch education
  2. Expand our mission
  3. Ignite staff engagement and exceptional performance
Milton Hershey School elementary students ask questions in their classroom.

Goal 1: Cultivate Strength of Character and Deliver a Top-Notch Education

The MHS Deed of Trust lays the groundwork for everything we do at the school. Our mission is to educate children to lead fulfilling and productive lives. As our world changes, we must advance our educational program to meet current and future demands.

We will cultivate strength of character and deliver a top-notch education by:

As we strive to prepare our students for the world they will enter after graduation, our focus on these areas will equip them to be the leaders of tomorrow.

Milton Hershey School's Legacy Campus expansion allows us to serve more students and expand our mission.

Goal 2: Expand Our Mission

It has been our goal to expand to be able to share the life-changing vision of the Hersheys with even more families. Our plan for measured, responsible growth will help us to serve 2,300 students. In 2015, we accelerated our timeline and enrolled our 2,000th student, ahead of schedule.

We also must ensure our investment in these children by advancing the support we provide to alumni post-graduation. We will continue to mentor and guide them through their first few years as alumni to help ensure their success.

Finally, strengthening parent/sponsor engagement and education will benefit the children we serve because it will reinforce our commitment to their families and enhance the bond between families and the school. This connection will provide a further network of support for our students.

A Milton Hershey School Middle Division teacher works with students in her classroom.

Goal 3: Ignite Staff Engagement and Exceptional Performance

It is our goal to hire the very best staff to serve the children of Milton Hershey School. Being the best means continually growing, learning, and improving, which is what we expect of MHS employees. We support employees in pursuing continuous professional growth and learning because it equips them to better care for our students.

Our employees are more than teachers, houseparents, and support staff—they are an extended family of mentors and a safety net for the children we serve. By encouraging employees to build meaningful connections with students, we will ensure that each child has a trusted adult on campus who will help guide them to success.

We hold high standards for our students and even higher standards for our staff. When our students see employees modeling accountability and exceptional performance, they learn not only what is expected of themselves, but also how to achieve success.

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Stay Informed

We look forward to sharing updates with you about our progress toward 2020 Vision. You also can read about our successes in our current Brown & Gold Report annual report.

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