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Milton Hershey School Students Learn about Wholesome Food from Penn State Health

In the Milton Hershey School Deed of Trust, founder Milton S. Hershey wrote that “All children admitted to the School shall be fed with plain, wholesome food; plainly, neatly, and comfortably clothed, without distinctive dress, and fitly lodged.” MHS staff work every day to fulfill Mr. Hershey’s wishes. Recently, the school’s partners at Penn State Health Milton S. Hershey Medical Center helped students understand the importance of wholesome food.

Milton Hershey School students practice portion control while learning about wholesome food.

Penn State PRO Wellness Education Program Specialist Courtney Bouslough visited Memorial Hall in early February as part of the school’s Career Monday program.

Through Career Mondays, third-grade students learn about a wide range of career paths through fun and engaging activities. This one-hour after school program allows MHS students to explore a variety of career interests found both at MHS and beyond.

Career Mondays provide students with career information, including salary ranges, required education, and interests that might lead to this career. Students participate in a hands-on activity connected to this career path. Career-focused education programs in all scholastic divisions help MHS students realize the many opportunities available to them after graduation.

Milton Hershey School students learn about wholesome foods from Courtney Bouslough, education program specialist for Penn State PRO Wellness.

Bouslough taught residents of Student Home Sycamore how to develop healthy habits by eating well-balanced meals. She demonstrated how to measure portion sizes and ensure every meal contains various vitamins and nutrients. During a hands-on activity, students were able to practice using measuring cups.

“I learned I can eat candy but not as much as I might want to,” said student Jayda Koehler. “Also, carrots are good for you.”

Milton Hershey School students ride the Penn State Health Smoothie Bike during a lesson on wholesome food.

Lastly, Bouslough demonstrated the value of exercise through a fun activity that ended with a delicious treat. The Penn State Health Smoothie Bike is a stationary bicycle with a blender attached. To activate the blender, a rider must pedal the bicycle for 30 seconds. Students rode the bike and were rewarded for their efforts with a delicious berry smoothie.

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