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Erica Ratiner ’93

When Erica Ratiner ’93 toured Milton Hershey School, she made the decision to apply. She enrolled at MHS at the end of her seventh-grade year and had access to opportunities and a caliber of education she wouldn’t have experienced at home.

“My mom was raising me on her own. She was legally blind and never worked, so we were on a very tight income,” Erica shared. “There were a lot of things I wouldn’t have had opportunities to do if I would have stayed at home.”

Erica is not only thankful for the education she received, but she also appreciates the family she gained. “I still have best friends who I made twenty-five years ago at MHS. It’s amazing [to think about] the family and friends we make at the school because it really is more like family,” she said.

After graduating from MHS, Erica attended Bloomsburg University and studied theater arts and secondary education. She also entered the real estate field and has worked as a broker assistant, executive assistant, concierge and marketing manager, and business manager for real estate companies in California.

Erica reflects on her time at MHS and how it shaped the person she is today.

“Because I was able to do so many different things and had so many different opportunities, I think I’m a much more well-rounded person than I would have been if I didn’t go to school [at MHS].”

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