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MHS Graduates Making a Positive Impact

Thousands of Milton Hershey School graduates have found their own way to make a positive impact on the world. Their dedication to building an impactful life is, in part, due to the foundation built at MHS. Now, by sharing their stories, our alumni serve as role models and help set the foundation for new generations of Milts.

Read on to learn more about the accomplished alumni of Milton Hershey School.

2024 Alumnus of the Year: Douglas I. OIiver ’93

Milton Hershey School’s 2024 Alumnus of the Year Douglas Oliver ’93 said Milton Hershey School opened his eyes and expanded his horizons. The school exponentially increasing his sense of what...

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2023 Alumnus of the Year: Robin Ferrer ’00

Milton Hershey School’s 2023 Alumnus of the Year Robin Ferrer ’00 described his time at the school as his most significant and transformative experience. Before enrolling at MHS his experience...

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2022 Alumna of the Year: Jocelyn Bioh ’01

Jocelyn Bioh ’01 has always loved performing and knew from her time at Milton Hershey School that she belonged in the arts. She was recently recognized as the MHS 2022...

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2021 Alumna of the Year: Chris Cook ’81

Christine (Brennan) Cook ’81 has been teaching at Milton Hershey School for 35 years. She was recently recognized as the MHS 2021 Alumna of the Year. MHS has been her...

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2020 Alumnus of the Year: Charles Seidel ’87

Charles “Chuck” Seidel ’87 is a decorated, retired Air Force officer who came out of retirement to serve as a subject matter expert supporting the U.S. in its fight against...

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2019 Alumnus of the Year: William C.B. Harding ’78

William Charles Ballough Harding ’78 is changing lives by creating solutions to global healthcare challenges through the development of new and improved medical devices. As the chair of the 336...

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2018 Alumna of the Year: Wendy MacClinchy ’92

Wendy MacClinchy ’92 has dedicated her life to a simple, but powerful intention—to be an agent for good in the world. For nearly two decades, MacClinchy has focused her work...

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2017 Alumnus of the Year: Eric Welsh ’84

Milton Hershey School has named retired Col. Eric Welsh ’84 the 2017 Alumnus of the Year, recognizing his global humanitarian efforts, 28-year military career, and selfless service to homeless veterans....

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2016 Alumnus of the Year: Johnny Mills ’75

Milton Hershey School named Johnny Mills ’75 the 2016 Alumnus of the Year, recognizing his talent as a renowned musician and the example of excellence and philanthropy he sets for...

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Chuck and Cyndi Seidel ’87

Chuck and Cyndi Seidel both graduated from Milton Hershey School in 1987. Chuck recently retired as a Lt. Col. in the U.S. Air Force after a 27-year military career. He...

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2009 Alumnus of the Year: Dr. Mary (Trinh) Pentel ’86

Dr. Mary (Trinh) Pentel ’86 was the 2009 Alumna of the Year and the first female to earn this honor. She is the owner of Southside Dermatology in Jacksonville, Fla.,...

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2015 Alumnus of the Year: J. Anthony Graves, Ph.D., M.D. ’87

The late Dr. J. Anthony Graves passed away in 2019. We thank him for his contributions to pediatric cancer research. Below is his Alumnus of the Year story as written...

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2012 Alumna of the Year: Captain Kimberly Elenberg ’88

Captain Kimberly Elenberg ’88 was the 2012 Milton Hershey School Alumna of the Year. A doctor of nursing practice, an informaticist, public health administrator, educator, and a leader of national...

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Jason Wolfe ’87

Milton Hershey School named Jason Wolfe ’87, of Sewickley, Pa., as the 2014 Alumnus of the Year. Recipients of the award have demonstrated humanitarianism and exemplary service to others, achieved...

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