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Dr. Aisha Stroop ’94

Dr. Aisha Stroop ’94 is an emergency medicine physician at Greenwich Hospital in Greenwich, Connecticut. Her days are filled with life-threatening emergencies, patient care, and critical decisions.

After graduating from Milton Hershey School in 1994, Aisha attended Brown University and then returned to Hershey, Pennsylvania to attend medical school at Penn State College of Medicine.

“MHS blessed me with an extended family that will be in my life forever,” she said. “They supported me when I came back to Hershey for medical school. They listened and were there for me when I wanted to quit. Being away from home, I needed that to succeed.”

She went on to do her residency at Newark Beth Israel in Newark, New Jersey. She worked at JFK Hospital in Edison, New York, and Nyack Hospital in Nyack, New York.

“I was given a unique opportunity that is a dream for most children,” she said. “MHS taught me how to be independent and gave me the skills to succeed academically and in life. I learned structure and how to multitask.”

As for current and future students, Aisha offers this advice:

“Take advantage of each opportunity the school provides. Be fearless because this type of opportunity only happens once in your life.”

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