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Alumni Success Stories

MHS Graduates Making a Positive Impact

Thousands of Milton Hershey School graduates have found their own way to make a positive impact on the world. Their dedication to building an impactful life is, in part, due to the foundation built at MHS. Now, by sharing their stories, our alumni serve as role models and help set the foundation for new generations of Milts.

Read on to learn more about the accomplished alumni of Milton Hershey School.

Ray Randlett ’62

Ray Randlett ’62 chuckles when you ask him about his life after graduating from Milton Hershey School. “I’ve done a lot of different things,” he said. “I’m sort of a...

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Garry Gilliam ’09

Garry Gilliam ’09 enrolled at Milton Hershey School when he was seven years old. His mother, Thelma Shifflet, knew it was the best decision she could make for her young...

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Sam Shouse ’08

Growing up in Rochester, Pennsylvania, Sam Shouse ’08 lived with his single mother and two sisters. His mother always saw the value in a strong education and sent Shouse and...

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Tieya Greene ’03

When she was in fourth grade, Tieya Greene ’03 began her journey at Milton Hershey School. Raised by a single mother in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, Tieya says enrolling at MHS was...

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Paul Davis ’94

Lt. Col. Paul Davis ’94 enrolled at Milton Hershey School in third grade after an encounter with a volunteer at a soup kitchen in Philadelphia. “[We were] pretty poor,” Davis...

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Mason Symons ’07

When Mason Symons ’07 enrolled at Milton Hershey School, he described himself as an “angry kid.” Thanks to wrestling, he quickly found his place on campus and learned what it...

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Dr. Aisha Stroop ’94

Dr. Aisha Stroop ’94 is an emergency medicine physician at Greenwich Hospital in Greenwich, Connecticut. Her days are filled with life-threatening emergencies, patient care, and critical decisions. After graduating from...

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David Allwein ’74

David Allwein ’74 credits his sister’s persistence and influence for helping him enroll at Milton Hershey School. “My mom passed away when I was 8-years-old and my father couldn’t care...

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Tylor Teel ’11

When Tylor Teel ’11 enrolled at Milton Hershey School as an eighth-grader, he thought he wanted to enter the world of criminal justice when he graduated. But after diving into...

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JD Sacharok ’08

JD Sacharok ’08 enrolled at Milton Hershey School when he was 7  years old. Eleven years later, Sacharok graduated with a solid understanding of how to persevere through challenges and...

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Marc Yu ’94

After moving to San Francisco from the Philippines, Marc Yu ’94 and his brother lived in the projects with their mother. After they began to get in trouble with the...

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Anthony Oakley ’82

When asked for a specific characteristic he learned at Milton Hershey School, Anthony Oakley ’82 is quick to share his respect for other people and his strong work ethic. Anthony...

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Andre Wright ’90

As the youngest of six children in his family, Andre Wright ’90 enrolled at Milton Hershey School in fifth grade when his mother started noticing more violence in the area...

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Erica Ratiner ’93

When Erica Ratiner ’93 toured Milton Hershey School, she made the decision to apply. She enrolled at MHS at the end of her seventh-grade year and had access to opportunities...

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