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Dr. Nadine Hokayem ’89

When Dr. Nadine Hokayem ’89 talks about Milton Hershey School, she gets nostalgic.

“I instantly start reminiscing,” Nadine said. “I have wonderful memories. My experience with everyone at Milton Hershey School was that they loved me, and they cared about me.”

While at MHS, Nadine was a member of the varsity choir, girls’ chorus, and New Horizons. She traveled the state competing in singing competitions.

“When I was a young girl, I wanted to sing,” she said. “Milton Hershey School gave me a beautiful microphone and a large stage that rivaled Broadway. When I wanted to study, I was given great teachers, a great library, and everything I needed.”

Nadine defines her Milton Hershey School education as a gift – one she always wanted to pass along to others. Since 2004, she has worked one day a week as an attending physician at the University of Bridgeport in Connecticut sharing her knowledge with third and fourth-year medical students.

“I was taught excellence at Milton Hershey School,” Nadine said. “I was taught charity. I was taught through love and as long as I pass that on, I feel good.”

When she’s not teaching, Nadine is a naturopathic physician with her own practice –Medicine by Nature – in Stamford, Connecticut. She’s a leader in science-based natural medicine, primarily using techniques to allow the body to heal itself.

“Milton Hershey School gave me the tools to go out into the world and succeed,” she said. “I always say to my students, ‘To whom much is given, much is expected.’”

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