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Alumni Success Stories

MHS Graduates Making a Positive Impact

Thousands of Milton Hershey School graduates have found their own way to make a positive impact on the world. Their dedication to building an impactful life is, in part, due to the foundation built at MHS. Now, by sharing their stories, our alumni serve as role models and help set the foundation for new generations of Milts.

Read on to learn more about the accomplished alumni of Milton Hershey School.

Shawnda Kohr ’08

When Shawnda Kohr ’08 was seven years old, she enrolled at Milton Hershey School from Chambersburg, Pennsylvania. While being away from her family was overwhelming at such a young age,...

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Faith Zeller ’00

When Faith Zeller ’00 enrolled at Milton Hershey School as a freshman, she knew if she didn’t change her current situation she would end up repeating the cycle of poverty....

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Eric Shirley ’14

When you ask Eric Shirley ’14 about his time at Milton Hershey School, he immediately talks about how incredibly thankful he is for the positive relationships he created with MHS...

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Cassandra Wentzel ’05

Cassandra Wentzel ’05 remembers the day she encouraged her grandparents to call and learn more about Milton Hershey School. It was a pivotal moment that has come full circle for...

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Vinnie Caroselli ’16

Vinnie Caroselli ’16 enrolled at Milton Hershey School when he was in ninth grade from Upland, Pennsylvania. Even though he was eager to attend MHS, the transition to living on...

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Johsian Concepcion Conner ’16

As an eighth-grader from Bethlehem, PA, Johsian Concepcion Conner ’16 enrolled at Milton Hershey School and took advantage of the opportunity to discover his passion and set clear goals for...

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Jacob Hayes ’17

When Jacob Hayes ’17 was in seventh grade, he began his journey at Milton Hershey School. Living on the residential campus in group homes quickly taught Jacob how to act...

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Rechanda Willis ’06

Rechanda Willis ’06 doesn’t know where she’d be today had it not been for Milton Hershey School. She enrolled at the age of 14 after moving to Virginia with her...

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Anir Sanders ’16

When Anir Sanders ’16 was in ninth grade, his mom told him about Milton Hershey School. “My family had recently went back to north Philadelphia. It was a really bad...

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Lulu Tunis ’04

Lulu Tunis ’04 brags about two things in her life: Milton Hershey School and IKEA. “My two obsessions are working for IKEA and Milton Hershey School,” she said. “It’s what...

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2017 Alumnus of the Year: Eric Welsh ’84

Milton Hershey School has named retired Col. Eric Welsh ’84 the 2017 Alumnus of the Year, recognizing his global humanitarian efforts, 28-year military career, and selfless service to homeless veterans....

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Amanda Williams ’99

As a fifth-grader, Amanda Williams ’99 enrolled at Milton Hershey School in 1991. During her first year at the school, she experienced challenges, formed supportive relationships, and ultimately, found a...

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Ryan Blom ’15

When Ryan Blom ’15 enrolled at MHS in 2006 from Bethesda, Maryland, he was an athletic fourth-grader who was eager to get involved on campus. Every summer he loved playing...

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Alexis Quinn ’14

Alexis Quinn ’14 has been playing soccer for 17 years. Originally from Gloucester, Virginia, she enrolled at Milton Hershey School when she was in seventh grade and joined the school’s...

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