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Cassandra Wentzel ’05

Cassandra Wentzel ’05 remembers the day she encouraged her grandparents to call and learn more about Milton Hershey School. It was a pivotal moment that has come full circle for the Berks County native.

“I saw a commercial about Milton Hershey School on 60 Minutes,” she said. “[The commercial] talked about all the amazing things at MHS and gave a phone number. It’s just so funny to me now because I work with [60 Minutes].”

Cassandra is employed in the marketing and advertising division for CBS Radio in Philadelphia. Part of her job is to help small businesses grow, but she also gets to travel, meet celebrities, and occasionally gets to record her voice for on-air campaigns.

“I love what I do and am really happy with where I ended up,” she said. “[My connection] to MHS and CBS came full circle for me.”

When Cassandra enrolled at MHS in the summer of 2002, she took full advantage of every opportunity. She joined Student Government Association, was elected class president, became a cheerleader, and joined the cross country team.

“I am everything I am today because of Milton Hershey School,” she said. “I came from a really small town and my grandparents really couldn’t afford to take care of me and my three brothers. My mom wasn’t around and my dad wasn’t in the picture. There were drugs and alcohol abuse in the family. I needed an escape and Milton Hershey School created a really safe environment for me.”

She also built connections with houseparents, teachers, and students who guided her academically and encouraged her to dream big while still in high school.

“My civics teacher became a strong influence in getting me into politics,” she said. “He got me my internship at the state capitol when I was in high school.”

After graduating from MHS in 2005, Cassandra attended Villanova University where she graduated with a degree in political science. While at Villanova, she continued to thrive in student government and politics. She chaired the Judicial Affairs Committee and studied politics abroad in Egypt.

“What I loved about Villanova also reminded me of Milton Hershey School,” she said. “It was very much community-based and allowed me to pursue my dreams. I feel like Milton S. Hershey gave me an amazing opportunity.”

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