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Alumni Success StoriesCategory: Class of 2000-2009

MHS Graduates Making a Positive Impact

Thousands of Milton Hershey School graduates have found their own way to make a positive impact on the world. Their dedication to building an impactful life is, in part, due to the foundation built at MHS. Now, by sharing their stories, our alumni serve as role models and help set the foundation for new generations of Milts.

Read on to learn more about the accomplished alumni of Milton Hershey School.

Tiffany Gonzalez ’05

Growing up in York, Pennsylvania, Tiffany Gonzalez ’05 was in eighth grade when her neighbor began attending Milton Hershey School. As an ambitious teen, Tiffany saw the opportunities her neighbor...

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Samantha Doucoure ’07

Samantha Doucoure ‘07 enrolled at Milton Hershey School when she was 12 years old from Sunbury, Pennsylvania. She followed in the footsteps of her older brother who enrolled a few...

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Alaysha Rector ’05

As a nine-year-old growing up in Harrisburg, Alaysha Rector ’05 remembers a chaotic transition period after her parents’ divorce. In the midst of the chaos, her mother remained focused on...

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Brandon Hurd ’09

After moving from Charlotte, North Carolina to Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, Brandon Hurd ’09 enrolled at Milton Hershey School when he was 8 years old. “My mom had three kids and was...

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Brienna Mundy ’04

“How am I ever going to do what I want in life?” That’s the question Brienna Mundy ’04 asked herself as a child growing up in York County. “At the...

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Aaron Dabney ’08

As an eighth-grader from the south side of Chicago, Aaron Dabney ’08 was grieving the loss of some of his friends—who had been killed in gang violence—when he enrolled at...

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Jazzirelle Sepulveda ’09

Two weeks before her 16th birthday, Jazzirelle Sepulveda ’09 enrolled at Milton Hershey School. She grew up in Lancaster, Pennsylvania but wasn’t a fully engaged student due to frequent moves...

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Shawnda Kohr ’08

When Shawnda Kohr ’08 was seven years old, she enrolled at Milton Hershey School from Chambersburg, Pennsylvania. While being away from her family was overwhelming at such a young age,...

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Faith Zeller ’00

When Faith Zeller ’00 enrolled at Milton Hershey School as a freshman, she knew if she didn’t change her current situation she would end up repeating the cycle of poverty....

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Cassandra Wentzel ’05

Cassandra Wentzel ’05 remembers the day she encouraged her grandparents to call and learn more about Milton Hershey School. It was a pivotal moment that has come full circle for...

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Lulu Tunis ’04

Lulu Tunis ’04 brags about two things in her life: Milton Hershey School and IKEA. “My two obsessions are working for IKEA and Milton Hershey School,” she said. “It’s what...

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Aimee Charles ’06

When Aimee Charles ’06 looks back on the day she enrolled at Milton Hershey School as a freshman, she remembers the bustle and excitement in Founders Hall. She was eager...

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Alphonso Nathan ’05

Alphonso Nathan ’05 is a glass half full kind of guy. He is someone who is excited about life and embraces every opportunityit has to offer. “Every time someone talks...

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Rosemary Savage ’08

When Rosemary Savage ’08 enrolled at Milton Hershey School, she was an ambitious high schooler who had a clear focus on her academics. She also dreamt of becoming a family...

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