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Part One: The Decision

By Tennille, an MHS parent/sponsor

Landon, a pre-k student at MHSMaking the decision to enroll Landon at Milton Hershey School was a decision that many of us worked together to make, including his parents, grandparents, and even great grandmother.

You hear so many great things about MHS, but then you look at the chances of actually getting accepted and think, “Could it really happen?” “What if it does?” “Will it be the right choice for him?”    You begin to think about how you would feel without him and if he would truly understand that this decision is for him.

As adults, there are so many times we don’t take the time to think about what the stress in our lives does to these young children and the impact it has on them.  We often turn our heads to what they may understand.

We want to think that love is enough. Love is critical and it’s great, but sometimes, it’s true love that gives us the strength to make the best decision for the ones we love.

Unfortunately, love isn’t able to put food on the table or provide warm clothing and shoes that fit. Love might not be able to provide transportation, make sure they get to school each day, and offer appropriate clinical care and physical activity. Love doesn’t necessarily provide a home with heat, electricity, and water on at the same time.

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Because of the stressors that many of us experience, our kids are left to face some of the consequences. Sometimes, the stress can cause anger, frustration, sadness, and depression which also is shared with the children to face. We took the time to think about all of the things in and out of our control and began to understand that MHS could help give us the opportunity to make changes.

By knowing our child is cared for at MHS, parents/sponsors can possibly work on their own health, schooling, and careers to not only make a better future for their children but also for themselves.  As a sponsor, we are being given the chance to make changes without the fear of who will take care of the kids or who will get them to school while we’re at work. MHS can provide everything the kids need while giving parents and sponsors the possibility of working on resolving some of these stressors.

Landon enrolled at MHS when he was 4 years old from Palmyra, Pennsylvania. Tennille is Landon’s aunt and supports him as his sponsor while Landon is at MHS.

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