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The Importance of Oral Health—Providing Comprehensive Dental Services at Milton Hershey School

Walking into Copenhaver Center, it’s hard to miss the tooth flag hanging off the wall. It marks the entrance to the dental clinic for Milton Hershey School’s high school students....

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How to Establish and Maintain a Long-Lasting Healthy Lifestyle

MHS has been helping children and teens become self-motivated about health and wellness for 110 years and counting For adults, children, and teenagers alike, the benefits of establishing a healthy...

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Creativity: The Secret to Success in the Trades

Jazzy, a Milton Hershey School senior, already has experience building homes for others. After taking specialized construction and carpentry classes through Milton Hershey School’s Career and Technical Education program,  she...

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10 Ways to Commit to a Healthy Lifestyle This Winter

A healthy lifestyle has several short and long-term benefits, including academic success, mental well-being, reduced risk for disease, improved moods, and higher energy levels. However, across the country, many families...

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Lend a Helping Hand: Developing Student Leaders Through Peer-to-Peer Mentorship

As we prepare students to become 21st century leaders and problem-solvers, it starts with the relationships they’re building with their peers. If children and teens can master the ability to...

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Measuring Socioeconomic Indicators for Children from Poverty

At Milton Hershey School, low-income students have the opportunity to build brighter futures and break the cycle of poverty. By measuring intergenerational social mobility, we look at the association between...

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5 Ways to Create a Healthy Back-to-School Routine This Year

Healthy habits  set children up for success inside and outside the classroom. With back-to-school season in full swing, it’s important to create routines that are easy to maintain throughout the...

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8 Employability Skills That Prepare High Schoolers for the 21st Century Workforce

The goal of Career and Technical Education (CTE) is to provide students with hands-on, technical training that prepares them for the rapidly evolving 21st-century workforce. While technical skills and subject-specific knowledge...

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