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How to Create a Sensory Garden at Home

Throughout the summer of 2018, Milton Hershey School teachers, students, and staff built an outdoor sensory garden in the enclosed courtyard of Memorial Hall. The sensory garden is part of...

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Envisioning Great Things for Our Grandchildren

By Michael and Roberta, grandparents and sponsors for Dominic, Gregory, and Shania We enrolled three of our grandchildren, Shania, Gregory, and Dominic at Milton Hershey School for several reasons.  After...

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Part Five: Advice for Parents/Sponsors

By Tennille, an MHS parent/sponsor If you do make the decision to accept the opportunity to send your child to Milton Hershey School, here’s my advice: Support the houseparents and...

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Part Four: Noticing Growth

By Tennille, an MHS parent/sponsor Landon is at a place now that I wasn’t sure we would ever get to completely. He’s so happy, doing so much better in the...

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What My Grandparents Mean to Me

By Daniel, an MHS junior As a young child, my grandparents’ house was always my favorite place to go. My family went there for most holidays and we ate, played...

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An Open Letter to the Grandparents Who Raised Me

By Haley, an MHS freshman Growing up, I didn’t have steady family support but my grandparents were always there. When my grandparents stepped up to the plate to fill the...

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Part Three: The Transition

By Tennille, an MHS parent/sponsor During his first few days at MHS, Landon was doing great. It was new and exciting—he had new friends, new toys, and a new school!...

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Part Two: Enrollment Day

By Tennille, an MHS parent/sponsor After all the excitement we went through when Landon was accepted at MHS, so many thoughts and emotions started. How do you begin to tell...

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Part One: The Decision

By Tennille, an MHS parent/sponsor Making the decision to enroll Landon at Milton Hershey School was a decision that many of us worked together to make, including his parents, grandparents,...

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