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Milton Hershey School Lifer Shares the Family He’s Created

Milton Hershey School has had more than 600 alumni enroll in either kindergarten or first grade—or sometimes even earlier. At MHS, these students earn the distinction of being a “lifer” once they complete their 12 years of schooling and graduate. This year, we sat down with several of the 26 MHS lifers and asked them to share their journeys to Commencement.

Milton Hershey School lifer, Logan Haynes, celebrates his time at MHS

Who has had the greatest impact on you while at MHS?

My Middle Division houseparents, Mr. and Mrs. Morales, have had the greatest impact on me because they helped encourage me in everything I did. They would often explain why behaving well and being a good person is important. I learned so many life lessons from them that I know I’ll carry with me for the rest of my life.

What is the greatest skill you have learned at MHS?

The greatest skill I have learned from MHS is to care about others and the things I commit to doing. As a lifer, I’ve met so many people who have had such an impact on my life and I am incredibly grateful for each of them. I hope that in the future I continue their legacy by caring for the people in my life wholeheartedly.

What will you miss most about this chapter of your life?

The thing that I will miss the most is the family I have created at the school. For more than a decade, so many individuals have supported me and carried me through good and bad situations. I’m going to miss spending each and every day with these people, but I know that distance will only make our bonds stronger.

What MHS experience did you enjoy so much that you would like to experience it again?

The MHS experience I would like to experience again are the years I spent in Middle Division. These were some of the most simple and fun moments of my life. From experiencing life alongside my peers, going on fun adventures, and learning new things, I will always cherish this time in my life—and my entire MHS journey.

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