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16 Ways High School Seniors Plan to Impact the World

Across the country, the Class of 2018 is preparing to graduate. After years of growth, setbacks, laughter, and tears, these students are ready to make their mark. They are the future generation, full of ideas and goals that can make an imprint on the world when combined with hard work and perseverance.

At Milton Hershey School, our seniors have faced adversity and come from circumstances beyond their control. For many, graduation is an opportunity to say farewell to the past and embrace the endless possibilities ahead of them.

As they begin to shape their legacies, we asked seniors one important question: how do you plan to impact the world? Take a look at some of their optimism and wisdom.

“I want to start with something small like making someone happy with the food I make. I look at it like this: If I make 100 meals per day every day for a year, that would be 36,500 times I helped make a difference.” –Bryan


“I want to go to foreign countries and help underprivileged children. I want to make them feel love and show them they can do something bigger with their lives.” Tiffany


“I will make my impact by saving one life at a time. We are all tiny compared to the vastness of the world, but every one of those tiny lives has the capacity to make a difference anywhere on Earth.” –Patrick


“I plan to share my gifts of music and media with children and young adults who aren’t aware of the power of the arts. Art, no matter which medium, is powerful. The videos and music I have made or composed make people feel a range of emotions: joy, humor, and sadness.” –Irene


“I plan on being the best supply chain manager in the world, and help cut down on global waste and end global hunger.” –Tykee


“I really enjoy seeing how animals impact and change how a person may feel. I want to open my own therapeutic business in the hopes of helping those who are victims of abuse. I want to have goats, horses and dogs to help those in need. I believe hurt animals and hurt people can create a strong bond to help them heal and move forward.” –Ashley


“I want to travel and study abroad. I want to be able to show global citizenship in different countries. Being able to learn, appreciate, and have an open mind toward other cultures is something I am passionate about and want to express to others.” Bryanna


“I plan to exemplify the truths that people decide where they end up in life and they have an infinite pool of creativity inside them.” Jared



“My goal is to one day become a child advocate attorney and own a daycare for underprivileged kids and families. MHS has taught me how to advocate for myself and others in a calm, respectful way.” –Nickie


“I want to help at least one person. I want to bring people up. Hopefully, in doing this small thing, other people will do the same and with time the entire world can benefit. Spreading happiness is the key to truly making an everlasting impact.” –Delyon


“I plan to become a teacher and provide students with a place where they feel welcomed and valued. I also hope to supply them with a lifetime love for learning.” –Kyrah


“I plan to pass on my values to people who didn’t get a chance to come to Milton Hershey School. The values of never giving up, being able to adjust to new things, and finding a way to get through issues. I want to give kids hope to complete their dreams and never give up just like MHS taught me.” –Fajr


“One of my goals is to travel to every country in South and Central America. When I do this, I want to spread the love of God to everyone I meet and make at least one person smile every day. By doing this, I hope to make a positive impact on those outside of the United States.” –Allan


“I plan to make an impact on the world by using my creative imagination to make all kinds of land and homes look amazing. More specifically, I want to build mini-houses for the homeless that don’t take up much room but are somewhere for them to be safe.” –Hailey


“I want to expand the ability for people to be creative and express their vision. Everyone has dreams, ideas, and pursuits—without this, there would be no drive, love, compassion, and appreciation.” –DeSean


“I plan to tell kids my story and help them understand that yes, the world can be tough and cruel, but you have to push yourself and stretch your limits to become a better “you.” – Macy



Tips and Resources

At Milton Hershey School, students learn alongside our talented educators who enhance the learning process with comprehensive STEAM curriculum, character and leadership development, educational technology, and problem-based learning opportunities. Take a look at valuable tips and resources from our staff.

Find Tips and Resources from MHS Staff

Human Resources
P.O. Box 830
Hershey, PA 17033-0830

(717) 520-2000
(800) 322-3248

GPS: East Governor Road & Meadow Lane


Founders Hall
P.O. Box 830
Hershey, PA 17033-0830

(717) 520-2000
(800) 322-3248

GPS: East Governor Road & Meadow Lane


Enrollment Management Center
430 East Governor Road
Hershey, PA 17033

(800) 322-3248


665 Brook Drive
Hershey, PA 17033

(717) 520-2808