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This is My MHS Story

The voices of Milton Hershey School are all distinct, but each extraordinary in their own way. The “This is My MHS Blog” tells the stories of our extraordinary students, teachers, houseparents, parents and sponsors, and graduates. Each contributor has their own unique story. Read on to learn what brought them to MHS, the impact it has had, and the impact they hope to impart on the lives of others.

MHS Houseparents Guide New Staff Through Role

By Eric and Diane Chapelle Since becoming houseparents, we have experienced the loss of our old lifestyle but the joy of a new. Previously, our life was filled with work...

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Student from New Hampshire Calls MHS Home

By Brianna Davis, 11th grade I was homeless before Milton Hershey School. My mom and I were living out of a hotel room. I had little motivation for school and...

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MHS Student Realizes Benefits of Enrollment

By Caden Snyder, 7th grade Milton Hershey School provides me with the tools I need to succeed. I did not understand this at first because of the distance between the...

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MHS Senior Prepares Freshmen Class for the Future

By Canille Southerland, 12th grade Dear Freshmen Class, My name is Canille Southerland and I am a senior at Milton Hershey School. I would like to share what I have...

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MHS Alumnus is Excited for 2020-21 School Year

By Dale Williams ‘94, MHS Social and Emotional Learning Teacher As an alumnus and staff member of Milton Hershey School, I have participated in many Opening of School traditions throughout...

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Somerset Student Aspires for Greatness

By Tyler McMasters, 10th grade Many families living in rural communities throughout Pennsylvania do not know the opportunities that exist at Milton Hershey School. Growing up in Somerset, PA, we...

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Hershey Empty Nesters Become Houseparents at MHS

As Hershey community members for over 30 years, Terry and Kathy Augustine knew many friends who worked at Milton Hershey School. However, they did not know the impact of the...

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Grandparents Encourage Enrollment at MHS

By Haley Shurock, 10th grade I became a student at Milton Hershey School because of my grandparents, who are my guardians. My grandma heard about the school because she lived...

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MHS Senior Gives Advice to Freshmen

By Lussevikueno (Picose) Gomes, 12th grade Dear freshmen class, It is hard to believe that in the next four years you will graduate from Milton Hershey School. Before you get...

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MHS Houseparents Use Military Background to Foster Positive Character

Marty and Angela Brand started their youth-minded careers working within their church for more than 12 years. With experience in mentoring children, they decided they may be a good fit...

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