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Rayshawn Shuler ’23

As one of the newest members of the Milton Hershey School alumni network, Rayshawn Shuler ’23 is not wasting any time.  After graduating with the Class of 2023 in June, Rayshawn took a one-week break in his hometown of Philadelphia before returning to MHS to work with the Vehicle and Equipment Maintenance (VEM) department. By using this time to advance himself and his career, he is gearing up for the next step in his education at Universal Technical Institute.

“What started as tinkering with LEGO sets to build cars has turned into a passion that I can see as a career,” said Rayshawn. “It just takes patience, organization, and problem solving to get to the bottom of an issue that is complex to most people.”

Rayshawn was able to develop these skills and get authentic work experiences through the School’s Automotive Career and Technical Education pathway, internships, and unique, hands-on learning experiences. He took on leadership roles as shop manager and lead mechanic in the Bike Repair Club. He also applied what he learned in the classroom in the School’s VEM department and at the dirt track during professional World of Outlaws races. This means he got to work with the simple machines in a bicycle to cars that will travel more than 100 miles an hour.

“As an intern with us during the summer of 2022 and now as a member of our team, Rayshawn demonstrated quickly that he knows what he is doing in the garage. His motivation, confidence, and skills showed us that he could work on big projects and that our fleet of vehicles will be in good hands when he is working on them,” said VEM’s Assistant Service Manager Scott McCann. “Working with interns and graduates like Rayshawn is special because it connects our team with the mission of Milton Hershey School by providing training and mentorship to our students—the next generation of mechanics.”

To further immerse himself in the automotive field, Rayshawn jumps at every chance he gets to learn more. Through the partnership between Milton Hershey School and World of Outlaws, Rayshawn was part of the action for two races during the 2022-23 dirt track season at Williams Grove Speedway in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania. Rayshawn learned from professional driver Brock Zearfoss, shadowed his crew, and contributed to the team by fueling the car, changing the tires, and shining it so it’s ready to race.

“The World of Outlaws opportunities have been a gateway to get me even more interested in cars,” said Rayshawn. “Prior to this year, I had never been to a race before, but the energy, smells, and sounds make it a valuable experience. Also, I got to network with people from dealerships. All of this will help me get closer to my goals.”

Rayshawn plans to enroll in the BMW track at Universal Technical Institute with the goal of working with high-level and high-end dealerships, like Pagani or Porsche. He is confident that each opportunity he had as a student and every connection he has made will help him get there.

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