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Milton Hershey School’s Student-Run Farmers Market Reopens to Public

The Milton Hershey School Project Market returned to in-person sales in the middle of the 2021-22 school year following a period of alternative operations as a result of the school’s COVID-19 health and safety strategies. The community newspaper Hummelstown Sun recently stopped by the market to share in the excitement.

For a year and a half, MHS Project Market pivoted to an online sales model for members of the MHS staff. Now, in addition to online sales, the community can once again visit the market location on the MHS campus. A wide range of products are available for purchase, including hydroponically-grown produce, houseplants, and student-developed products, including decorative items, soaps, sugar scrubs, and lotions. Pints of Spartan Ice Cream are also available as a sweet treat.

MHS hydroponics program at the AEE Horticultural Center

As a student-run farmers market, Senior Division students can apply to work at MHS Project Market as an authentic work experience and learn from agricultural and horticultural experts about harvesting produce and managing the business side of agriculture. They also learn important skills such as hard work and attention to detail that will help them regardless if they stay in the agriculture field.

Taryn Hogeland, MHS Agriculture and Environmental Education Instructional Advisor and staff manager of MHS Project Market, says, “you can usually find six to eight students working the market floor, interacting with customers, ringing up sales and restocking products, and cleaning.”

Seniors Emily Miller and Zoe Robinson are currently MHS Project Market interns and shared their experience with the Hummelstown Sun. Emily has learned about customer service and how to look when on the job. She also learned about product development and how to make soap and sugar scrubs to sell. Fellow intern and classmate, Zoe Robinson, has seen opportunities to improve MHS Project Market’s operations and worked to set up the Square system for accepting money.

MHS Horticultural Center and MHS Project Market

The market is open year-round from 3:30 to 5:30 p.m. on Wednesdays and Thursdays, and sometimes on Saturdays for the occasional special event. For the latest news, hours, and product information, follow MHS Project Market on Facebook.

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