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Milton Hershey School Students, Staff, and Alumni Honor Veterans Day

Senior Division students and staff at Milton Hershey School welcomed alumni who have or are currently serving in the United States Armed Services into their history classroom in honor of Veterans Day. MHS alumni shared the characteristics and traits that go into a career in the military—while also giving students hands-on opportunities to try on gear, watch videos, and more.

“MHS has meant so much to me in my life and I’m incredibly grateful to Mr. and Mrs. Hershey. I’m happy to come back to share this Veterans Day with our students—they are interested and engaged and asked terrific questions,” shared Kim Elenberg ’88, former MHS Alumna of the Year.

Milton Hershey School alumna, Kim Elenberg '88, comes back to MHS engage with students.

Students learned about the many career opportunities that exist in the military. Many students saw the connection between the topics they learn about in history class and the stories that alumni shared. Some alumni also shared about their lives at the school, how much has changed since they left, and what time-honored traditions continue.

“Giving back is one of the many things MHS taught me. So, it’s important that I’m here today. This is all about service—to our school and our country,” Antonette Acosta ’09 said.

Milton Hershey School alumna, Antonette Acosta '09, comes back to MHS to engage with students.

The school focuses on developing a service-minded attitude through the MHS Sacred Values—commitment to mission, mutual respect, positive spirit, and integrity. These values show when alumni come back to invest in the lives of current students—just as the school’s founders, Mr. and Mrs. Hershey, intended.

“I appreciate the time these alumni and veterans took out of their day to tell us stories. It’s great learning more about history and the military,” added Andrew Flores, MHS ninth grade student.

MHS students can learn about many career paths through the school’s Career and Technical Education program that offers 12 pathways for students to choose from. Each of these career fields, including Education and Human Services, Law, Public Safety, and Security, and Automotive Technology, give students real-life skills that they can use when entering into the world of work or continuing on in higher education.

For many MHS students, being able to hear about the careers of current alumni is helpful as they think about their own futures.

“Today is a special day for me to hear from the students about their plans for their futures. I love talking to our students and I know they’ll do great things in their lives,” shared Dr. Alex Redcay ’95 and Millersville University professor.

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