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Automotive Technology

Automotive Technology Career Pathway

Students gain experience in the automotive field by learning how to service and maintain automobiles. The program provides specific lessons on brakes, steering, suspension and engine  performance. Learn more about Milton Hershey School’s Automotive Technology career pathway.

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Hands-On Work Opportunities

Through the Automotive Technology pathway, students acquire the knowledge and skills needed to service and maintain automobiles and gain exposure to similar industries. A fully equipped auto shop on campus provides an authentic work environment where students learn the core skills of changing brakes, assembling engines, resolving electric system issues, and welding.

Hands-on activities, internships, and co-ops develop confidence, work ethic, and technical skills among students who transfer to various occupations in the automotive field and related careers such as mechanical engineering, welding, and manufacturing.

MHS graduate Nate Cunfer ’18 developed an understanding and skill set with piston engines while in the CTE program that supports his goal of becoming an aeronautical mechanic and, one day, a pilot. Nate will be able to refer to his internship experience at Faulkner Honda as he continues his education at the Pittsburgh Institute of Aeronautics.


Certifications acquired while at MHS demonstrate to employers that our students meet the criteria and level of knowledge they are looking for. As baby boomers retire and the need for auto mechanics and similar careers increases, students in this pathway have the ability to begin in-demand careers immediately following graduation.

Milton Hershey School student Nate Cunfer working at his automotive internship.

“Working [at Faulkner Honda] has been a pretty great experience. I’ve been able to see how everything works around the shop, and they’re teaching me to be organized.”

Nate Cunfer ’18
on his internship at Faulkner Honda

Setting Students Up for Success

With an on-campus automotive shop, students learn how to service and maintain automobiles.

The Milton Hershey School Automotive Technology teacher works with students in the body shop.

Core Skills

  • Hanging brakes
  • Assembling engines
  • Fixing electrical systems
  • Welding
A Milton Hershey School student works with tools in her MHS Automotive Technology career pathway classroom.

Future Career Options

  • Automotive technician
  • Mechanical engineer
  • Commercial fleet manager
Milton Hershey School students work on a car during their Automotive Technology class.

Certification Options

Learn more about Milton Hershey School’s Career and Technical Education program and its 12 distinct CTE career pathways.

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