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Thank You, Milton Hershey School Houseparents

By Terry Donaher ’98, MHS Admissions Counselor

The houseparent role at Milton Hershey School is such a unique job. A lot of our students may not have a father or a mother of their own, so houseparents are so vital to them in their development and filling a void that they may have in their lives.

My houseparents set goals for me, made me strive to be better, and were a big reason why I came back to Milton Hershey School. I just thank them endlessly for getting my life back on track. If it hadn’t been for them, I don’t know where I’d be today.

Milton Hershey School alumnus, Terry Donaher, during his time as a student at MHS

Houseparents really give their all. Their hearts are there for their students. I know from my own perspective as a former houseparent that having additional students in our student home really filled my heart. It gave me a purpose beyond my own two personal kids. Our two sons looked to the students as their own brothers, and my wife and I looked to them as an extension of our family. I loved the students just like I love my own sons. The connections that I have with our former students will be something that will last a lifetime.

I just want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart, houseparents. The 11,000-plus graduates from MHS have been shaped by your dedication and selflessness to them. You treat them as individuals. You love them unconditionally. And in those moments where it’s hard, know that what you do matters. And it means so much to your students. Keep doing what you do.

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