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Role Modeling in Many Ways

By Morgan Espenshade, MHS Middle Division Social Studies Teacher

After student teaching at Milton Hershey School in 2011, MHS employees encouraged me to apply for an open teacher position. I applied for it and here I am.

I teach eighth-grade social studies. I absolutely love what I teach and I love the population of MHS students. I feel like I can really connect with our students and their unique backgrounds.

Morgan Espenshade, MHS teacher, teaching social studies

Teaching at MHS is special because as an adult, we mean so much to them—in different ways than at other schools. At MHS, since our students live on campus, they don’t have daily interactions with their families at home. They need us in a way that’s different than at a lot of other schools. Sometimes they need you to be the mom figure, or to be the auntie figure, or the big sister.

I do my best to model our school’s founders and their mission. When I think about everything that Milton Hershey did, I try to live up to that. These kids don’t get to meet Mr. Hershey, but they have me. I have the responsibility to live up to the standards that he set to help the kids succeed and see themselves in his legacy.

Morgan Espenshade

As teachers, we are part of this bigger piece. When students realize that, it’s huge and we strive for that every day.

I am very fortunate because the team of teachers I work with are really great. We support each other in every way. We build a community with the kids, and also with each other.

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