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Sharing the Joy of Milton Hershey School Through Female Mentorship

Every Milton Hershey School student is encouraged to recognize and share with others the opportunities they have been gifted. MHS junior, Maia, has been inspired to do just that, gaining female role models along the way.

During the summer before Maia started high school, she volunteered for a domestic service-based learning experience in Fayette County, Pennsylvania, where her and several other MHS students helped to provide resources to the local community. One of the chaperones on the trip, Stacey Spangenburg, MHS Admissions Counselor, found Maia’s positive and forward-thinking attitude to be one of a kind.

Sharing the Joy of Milton Hershey School Through Female Mentorshi

As one of the youngest students on the trip, Maia took a leadership role in ensuring that tasks got done and that the mission of MHS was spread across the area. Maia came back from the trip inspired by the work they had done and ready to use her experience to bring more students to MHS. Mrs. Spangenburg and Maia have grown a bond through this shared experience and passion.

“I’ve learned the most from Mrs. Spangenburg through my work as a Student Ambassador,” shared Maia. “Ultimately, I’ve learned how I can share the joys of MHS with as many people as possible. It really allows me to appreciate the opportunities I’ve been given as an MHS student even more.”

Maia, like many MHS female students, understands the importance of female mentorship and having positive female role models in her life. Mrs. Spangenburg—and the many other female staff on campus—have given Maia a space to learn and grow in all areas of her life, making it possible for her to help other students and their families see the benefits that attending MHS can provide.

“Before I came to MHS, I didn’t have many role models at all, especially women,” shared Maia. “Once I came to MHS that support system—including female mentors—grew so much. Mrs. Spangenburg being one of them. I don’t just have her, though, I have my houseparents and teachers and just amazing women in my life now. They make me a better person, and I look up to them all.”

Maia and Ms. Spangenburg were brought together around a shared mission and purpose, but their mentoring relationship has evolved into much more.

Sharing the Joy of Milton Hershey School Through Female Mentorship

Currently in the Health Science career pathway of the school’s Career and Technical Education program, Maia hopes to take everything she’s learned at MHS and from Mrs. Spangenburg to fulfill her dreams of a career in the medical field. She has felt inspired by Mrs. Spangenburg’s uplifting spirit and encouragement as she sets goals and achieves them.

“For young ladies to have an adult mentor is so important in the world we live in today,” shared Mrs. Spangenburg. “I don’t just mean how Maia and I lift one another up, but that Maia gets to see my interactions and relationships with other women, as well. She gets to see what a healthy adult friendship looks like.”

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