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Professional Referrals Offer Life-Changing Opportunities

Milton Hershey School is filled with opportunities for students to be nurtured and educated so they can go on to lead fulfilling and productive lives. How students find out about MHS can vary. One way is through professional referrals. School counselors and social service professionals can help transform students’ lives by connecting children and their families with MHS.

Below, several professionals share their experiences referring students to MHS, and MHS students who they’ve referred highlight the opportunities they have discovered as a result.

Kelly Snyder, Carroll County Public Schools in Westminster, Maryland

I feel so fortunate that I came across MHS. One of the components of my job is to be able to link students and families to resources, and MHS is one of those great resources. The students we’ve referred to MHS have been blessed to be able to join the MHS family. We help them through the application process, the interviews, and anything else that needs to happen in order to help them have a smooth transition.

My personal experience with MHS has been phenomenal. The process is simple and doesn’t take a lot of time. The MHS staff make it a wonderful experience. Every staff member—from admissions to houseparents—is extremely open, friendly, and welcoming. They work effortlessly with our counselors, administrators, and other staff to be able to help our students who would be a good fit at MHS.

MHS has changed the lives of so many of our students. We can’t thank MHS enough for being that resource and a special place where kids can be socially, emotionally, physically, and financially cared for. Thank you, MHS, for giving us the ability to offer an outstanding resource that ultimately changes the lives of our students and their families forever.

Sheyla Blair, MHS Senior Division student (referred to MHS by Kelly Snyder) 

Sheyla Blair, MHS Senior Division student

MHS is a special place because of the people, the opportunities, and the overall atmosphere. The School offers a place where you can be your greatest self. You can be yourself and fit in, while receiving support from other students and staff.

MHS provides us with everything we need to thrive. From clothing to meals every day to the greatest education students can have. There are many opportunities here. The opportunity I’m most grateful for is students can earn a scholarship for college. Another opportunity that has changed my life is the support I receive from my houseparents. They believe in me and always motivate me to do my best.

Joy Meley, Penn Manor School District in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania

I have referred numerous students to MHS – young kids all the way up through early high school. I continue to refer students there because of the opportunities MHS provides to students, not just while they are there, but also after they graduate.

I love my relationship with MHS. Their staff are very easy to work with. They are always willing to talk to our school counselors, students, and their families.

It’s not always an easy conversation when I refer families to MHS. However, I have found that not telling them about the opportunities at MHS is not doing them a service. I tell them MHS is another way we can assist their child and provide services and supports.

Kynzi Klingbeil, MHS Elementary Division student (referred to MHS by Joy Meley)

Kynzi Klingbeil, MHS Elementary Division student

MHS is the best place for me and my siblings because my mom doesn’t have to worry about our safety and education. MHS is a good way to get a good education. I’ve learned many new things here, and I know I will succeed by continuing to learn and grow here.

Kamdyn Klingbeil, MHS Middle Division student (referred to MHS by Joy Meley)

Kamdyn Klingbeil, MHS Middle Division student (referred to MHS by Joy Meley)

Ms. Meley has helped us by referring me and my family to MHS, and she is the reason I’m here getting a good education. At MHS, I have a safe place to live and food to eat. I have the opportunity to play sports and join different clubs. MHS helps me succeed because it’s helping with my current and future education. I’m happy here because I’m accepted for who I am, and there are a lot of caring people that support me.

Chris Isenhart, Sandman Consolidated School in Cape May, New Jersey

 I’ve referred dozens of students to MHS. I think it’s the best-kept secret in the whole entire world. It’s a beautiful blend of philanthropy and foresight. In a world full of things I can’t fix, MHS helps me feel like I can make a difference for students and their families.

As a school nurse, I’m always striving to help my students achieve optimal wellbeing. MHS helps me do that. Families need to feel you have a vested interest in their children. They need to know that you are part of their team and ready to work together to provide their children with the best opportunities. The staff at MHS are also part of their team. They offer invaluable assistance for each specific child’s situation. I totally admire the work they do, and I believe they are carrying out Milton and Catherine Hershey’s mission.

Armando Beteta-Juarez, MHS Senior Division student (referred to MHS by Chris Isenhart) 

Armando Beteta-Juarez, MHS Senior Division student

Ms. Isenhart and MHS help me a lot because they are always checking in on me and helping me be as successful as I can be. Ms. Isenhart helped my family with the MHS application process and getting to the School. Without her, I wouldn’t be here.

Since I’ve enrolled at MHS, I’ve been able to do a lot of things here. I continue to have so many great experiences. I’ve participated in band and sports.

MHS helps me thrive. I feel like the school is preparing me for life. I’m just so thankful for all the opportunities here at MHS.

How Do Professional Referrals to MHS Change Lives?

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