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MHS Parent/Sponsor Plays Important Role in Student’s Success

Milton Hershey School encourages parents/sponsors to be active members in their student’s success at MHS.

According to houseparents Clinton and Jill Singletary, parent/sponsor Catherine [Cait] Gabriel is an exceptional role model for her son Robert [Bobby] Gabriel. She has taken to the Opening of School theme, Our Future in Focus, and motivated Bobby to stay focused on the end goal of graduation.

MHS student Bobby Gabriel and parent/sponsor Cait Gabriel

“Cait went above and beyond to support us in our role as houseparents,” Singletary said. “She backed us up on our decisions, communicated difficulties, and is driven to have her son have success and graduate from MHS.”

Since enrolling in sixth grade, Bobby has struggled with homesickness and being away from his family in Carbon County, Pennsylvania. Although he would rather be learning at home right now, his mom knows MHS is providing him structure, wellness, and a top-notch education in a safe environment.

MHS student Bobby Gabriel and Parent/Sponsor Cait Gabriel

“I keep focusing on the fact that MHS students are so fortunate to be learning in-person this year,” Gabriel said. “We are so grateful for all that MHS does to keep Bobby safe and encourage him to be his greatest self.”

In the springtime, Bobby was learning virtually from home and saw a decline in his grades and motivation. As a business owner, Cait works long hours and has adult children who are currently out of the home. She believes MHS is the safest place for Bobby to be right now, especially in the current climate.

Bobby Gabriel on first day of school 2020

Bobby has now transitioned into a new student home this fall and his new houseparents say that he is thriving with success.

“Bobby has transitioned into our environment flawlessly,” said Mark Wolstenholme, MHS houseparent. “His mom reached out to us within the first day to introduce herself and is excited to come to visit Bobby on Thanksgiving.”

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