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Milton Hershey School Greater Together: Training and Development

A campaign acknowledging Milton Hershey School staff who look out for one another, achieve goals, and lift up the MHS community to make us Greater Together.

MHS Training and Development Team of Lenny Sweeney, Erica Paul, and Craig Wrights

Milton Hershey School Greater Together campaign highlights Training and Development team

Training and Development Q&A:

Define what makes MHS a community.

Being a true community means inclusivity; everyone has strengths to contribute. Here in Training and Development, we provide experiences to help staff learn and grow in order to contribute even more to our mission.

Has your team talked about the Greater Together theme with students you are mentoring? How so?

Our team is involved with the M.O.L.D. and Co-Pilot mentoring programs at MHS. Through these experiences, we help to provide insights into what “the world of work” looks like by showcasing the need to collaborate and work together for common goals. The same is true here at MHS. Great things are achieved when we work together.

List and describe a few ways your team is incorporating this year’s theme into your daily roles at MHS?

We have partnered with Fonati Abrokwa ‘01, MHS Special Assistant to the President for Diversity and Inclusion, to roll out Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI)-specific professional development experiences. These learning experiences focus on how we create environments based on equity, where our students and staff can thrive.

Training and Development directly impacts our MHS community through our Leadership Academy. During the academy, we discuss the “business of MHS” and participants learn more about the complexity of our school—how we are interconnected and interdependent upon one another to be successful.

Have there been moments this school year where you and your team have mentioned that MHS is Greater Together? Share examples.

The “Greater Together” theme has been interwoven into everything we do. In the professional development we provide, the focus is helping individuals, teams, departments, and MHS overall obtain knowledge and skills that maximize how each one of us can work together as effectively as possible.

Tell us something about your jobs that few people know?

Whether it is helping individuals/teams leverage performance management to achieve greater results, developing our new and experienced leaders to enhance collaboration, or driving team action planning through employee engagement, our team helps our community serve the mission of MHS. As the team leader, I could not be prouder—we are truly Greater Together.

Is your team Greater Together? Do you know staff members who look out for one another, achieve goals, and lift up the MHS community? Email us their names and titles at Milton Hershey School.

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