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Milton Hershey School Greater Together: Program Support Services

A campaign acknowledging Milton Hershey School staff who look out for one another, achieve goals, and lift up the MHS community to make us Greater Together.

Milton Hershey School's traveling trophy went to Program Support Services Greater Together team

The Milton Hershey School Traveling Trophy is back and continues to make its way around campus. MHS staff recognize the work of fellow colleagues who exemplify hard work and dedication and who put the MHS Sacred Values into action. This fall, teachers and nurses passed the trophy to Program Support Services for their commitment to providing the best possible level of service to our campus community.

Congratulations, Program Support Services! 

Milton Hershey School Program Support Services recognized as Greater Together team

Program Support Services Q&A:

Define what makes MHS a community.

The Program Support Services teams consistently work together to ensure students are properly supported and cared for. If we are short-staffed in some departments or a specific need is identified, we all work together to help. A great example was during the 2020-21 school year when lunch dining services were significantly modified due to COVID-19. Building Services, Food Services, and Transportation Services all pitched in to assist with serving and cleaning duties.

Has your team talked about the Greater Together theme with students you are mentoring? How so?

We are very fortunate to have student interns in various departments that allow our employees to work side-by-side with students and teach them new skills and job responsibilities. Often, we rely on our students in these roles to fulfill critical tasks, demonstrating that we are Greater Together.

List and describe a few ways your team is incorporating this year’s theme into your daily roles at MHS?

We involve other departments in meetings to increase understanding of cross-functional impact to help reinforce the Greater Together theme. One example is our Food Services and Transportation Services teams working together for Home Life fulfillment activities. Enhanced collaboration and communication with these departments helps to improve our operational efficiency.

Have there been moments this school year where you and your team have mentioned that MHS is Greater Together? Share examples.

We use the dining hall TV displays and menu signage to highlight the Greater Together theme.

What is your best piece of advice to the MHS community to make this year great?

Flexibility is key. Plan ahead as much as possible but be understanding as changes or plans are modified. Find something about your MHS role that you love and approach each day looking forward to coming to work.

Is your team Greater Together? Do you know staff members who look out for one another, achieve goals, and lift up the MHS community? Email us their names and titles at Milton Hershey School.

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