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MHS Senior Prepares Freshmen Class for the Future

By Canille Southerland, 12th grade

Dear Freshmen Class,

My name is Canille Southerland and I am a senior at Milton Hershey School. I would like to share what I have learned throughout my years at MHS to help guide you through your first year of high school.

Canille Southerland, Class of 2021

While you may hear from many of your peers that this year is not important—they are wrong. Study, use your time wisely, and enjoy the beginning of this exciting journey. It may seem hard to focus at first because the learning experience is new, but keep a planner and stay organized.

Speak up for yourself. As the saying goes, “Closed mouths do not get fed.” If you need anything, ask for help. Create relationships with adults on campus. They are here to guide you.

Leave the drama at the door. You will not care about what is happening now when you’re preparing to graduate. Manage your time wisely and don’t use class time to be on social media. You have a lot to learn. Pay attention and enjoy the topics.

I learned these lessons the hard way as I was a distracted freshman. The poor decisions that I made had serious consequences on my grades and overall standing at MHS. Now, I realize that the year that I was supposed to grow the most, I robbed myself of that experience.

Stay focused on your future—it will be here before you know it.  

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