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Every Woman Has Potential—You Just Have to Find It

As a child, I always looked up to my Aunt Jessica. She was the one person other than my mother who would take me out as a young adult and show me her workspace. My Aunt Jessica was a veterinary technician at a local clinic in Virginia. I learned my love for animals after her, and she always showed me that animals are the way to one’s heart.

She is a positive, loving, successful woman, and she has inspired me to be the best I can be.

In Virginia, I was the shy, quiet girl who was okay at sports, but mainly focused on reading and academics. My family moved to Pennsylvania during my fifth-grade year. I came to a new place, new school, new teachers, and new friends, and it was stressful. During my eighth-grade year, some kids used to bully me, but there were others in my class who stuck up for me and protected me.  I learned that sometimes you have to be tough for others, especially when they can’t be tough for themselves.

On Saturday, Oct. 27, Milton Hershey School sophomore Kloé Cunningham competed at the 2018 Pennsylvania State 4-H Horse Show

At the end of eighth grade, I came to Milton Hershey School. I went from living at home to living on campus pretty fast, but soon I adapted to the school’s lifestyle. Since I had a lot of change in my life, I joined clubs and my favorite sports to help me. I played volleyball for one and a half years and then got involved with horsemanship club.

Recently, I placed first in the District SkillsUSA competition for crime scene investigation. I’m part of the Law, Public Safety, and Security career pathway at MHS, and I take this very seriously. I have looked into multiple different career fields, and my top choices are being a probation officer for juveniles with disabilities, a mounted wildlife ranger, or a veterinary technician just like my Aunt Jessica. My life has helped me discover my true talents and all of my possible career choices.

Every girl out there has a great amount of potential and many different choices in life. Don’t ever give up on yourself, and remember that you are something—you will never be nothing. Find your inspiration and continue to overcome large obstacles that stand in your way.

Kloe, MHS sophomore

Kloé enrolled at Milton Hershey School in eighth grade from Central City, Pennsylvania.

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