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How I’m Breaking Gender Stereotypes

By Joy, a junior at MHS

As a child, I didn’t have very many strong female role models. I felt trapped in a world where men and women had their stereotypical gender roles, and I didn’t have much hope that I would ever be much of a success story.

I knew I was capable of following my dreams of becoming a police officer, but how could I get there?

My family was not supportive of my career plans and certainly did not have the financial means to send me to college. I spent a year worried and frustrated about my future until I was accepted into Milton Hershey School. The assurance that I could accrue a sizable scholarship when I graduated with ample experience to face whatever was ahead of me was almost unbelievable.

When I came to the school, I refused to take my eyes off my dreams. One of my biggest achievements has been completing a summer internship at the Dauphin County Criminal Investigation Division where I learned valuable information that will benefit my future career.

I met and worked with some of the most wonderful people working to protect our streets. I learned that being a woman in the world of law enforcement is not a setback, but instead, a position of strength and empowerment.

Joy reflects on how she's breaking gender stereotypes.

I am set to complete an internship once again this summer, and I’m very excited to continue with my learning experiences and building my self-confidence. One day, I could be in the same position as some of the detectives if I just keep working hard and never let my goals out of my sight.

If you’re a female, my advice would be to never let people dictate what you should be just because of your gender. You are a strong, gifted, and unstoppable young woman, and you can live out your dreams no matter what they might be.

Joy enrolled at MHS in tenth grade from Mifflin, PA.

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