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10 High School Students Shared Their Intentions for 2019

The Power of New Year Intentions, Not Resolutions

This year, instead of focusing on New Year’s resolutions, the Milton Hershey School community is setting intentions for the year. Inspired by our Opening of School Assembly in August of 2018, living with intent is doing something with purpose. It’s feeling empowered to give back with the intention of making a positive impact on others.

From committing to their grades and forming new friendships to sharing their positive spirit with the local community, we asked 10 high school students to share their goals and intentions for 2019.

Here’s what they said:

MHS students share their intentions for 2019

1.     To  be  a  kinder  person  and  allow  myself  to  enjoy  the  little  things.”  —Dane

2.     “To be more involved in the community and push  myself to my best potential.” —Serenity

3.     “To stay focused and try my hardest to follow  through on what I say I’m going to do.” —Raya

4.     “To stay fit mentally and physically, but to also keep  peace in my mind, body and soul.” —Taylor

5.     “To get myself prepared for college  and ready to leave my MHS home.” —Krisha

6.     “To start doing my homework all the time and get my  grades back to where they should be.” —Robert

7.     “To gain strong friendships and explore new things.” —Crystal

8.     “To grow stronger relationships with my mentors  before graduation.” —Aryanna

9.     “To not only benefit myself with joy and happiness,  but the community around me.” —Kyle

10.  “To be better than before.” —Morgan

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