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Samantha Morrison-Wynn ’18

Samantha Morrison-Wynn ’18 began her journey at Milton Hershey School on September 26, 2011. As an 11-year-old has been through the foster care system, she was searching for the security of friends, family, and a brighter future. It was at MHS, through the power of opportunity and love, that she found it.

After graduating in June 2018, Samantha began an internship at the Army Heritage Center in Carlisle, Pennsylvania. She works in the Archives Department doing research and outreach on veterans who have stories to be shared with the community.

“I know I want to help people and here I am helping veterans find their voices by telling their stories,” she said.

Through specialized classes in Milton Hershey School’s Law, Public Safety and Security (LPSS) career pathway and a summer internship at the Pennsylvania Department of Children, Youth, and Families, Samantha knew she wanted to make an impact on the world by finding justice for those who need it most.

Samantha Morrison-Wynn '18 on MHS campus

Grateful for the skills she has developed, she is even more grateful for the network of caring adults and peers she has had the privilege of meeting. Samantha was recommended for the Army Heritage Center internship by a former teacher who she became close with over the years.

“MHS taught me how to make connections. Right out of high school, I am continuing to make more connections through my internship while I maintain the network I made at MHS,” she said.

By completing a semester of classes at Temple University during her senior year at MHS, Samantha learned time management and critical thinking skills that she applies on a daily basis throughout her internship.

Samantha is working to ensure every veteran has a chance to be heard and their heroism can be celebrated. After entering the foster care system when she was born, there were many people who spoke out for her and advocated on her behalf. She now wants to pay it forward by being that voice for someone in need.

As Samantha prepares to begin her new adventure at Dickinson College, where she plans to major in political science, she is reminded of how much she has been given, and how much she can now give back.

“Whether it’s on a more political level or through service where I go build houses or teach in third-world countries, I just know that somewhere along the line, I want to make a difference in people’s lives.”

Samantha Morrison-Wynn '18 at graduation

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