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MHS News

Milton Hershey School to Name Senior Hall Building in Honor of Late President and Alumnus William R. Fisher ‘50

Fisher served in various leadership roles at Milton Hershey School

Milton Hershey School will commemorate its late president and alumnus William R. Fisher ’50 for his contributions and service to the home and school for low-income children by naming a building in his honor. The high school building known as Senior Hall North will be renamed ‘William R. Fisher Senior Hall North’ immediately.

“President Fisher’s contributions to MHS far exceeded what was asked of him in any job description. He was a dedicated mentor and his encouragement and support for both past and present students served as a catalyst for them to believe in themselves and pursue great things at every level imaginable,” said MHS President Pete Gurt ‘85. “I was one of those students. In my earliest days as a leader, I had the honor of learning from Bill how to lead by example and be courageous in my convictions to help other students. His legacy to further the Hersheys’ mission will be remembered each day as our oldest students walk through the hallways of William R. Fisher Senior Hall North.”

In January of 1985, Bill was named president of the school. Prior to that position, he served as an English and German teacher, assistant director of secondary education, and director of secondary education. He was named vice president of education in 1983, and, in 1984, was elected to the Board of the Hershey Trust Company and Milton Hershey School’s Board of Managers.

“Bill enjoyed each of his roles at the school because through each one of them he was able to make a difference in students’ lives. He was selfless that way,” Gurt said. “Some of his fondest memories were created during his years as high school principal which is why this high school building will live on in his honor.”

The building now known as William R. Fisher Senior Hall North is a staple in the MHS high school experience. The building houses state-of-the art classrooms where freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors are challenged academically, forge friendships, and develop a strong foundation for postsecondary success.

Fisher passed away in Feb. 2018. The MHS community honored the former school president and alumnus in a public celebration of his life last month. Fisher was 85 years old.