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Milton Hershey School Hosts Wrestlers from Across Pennsylvania

Milton Hershey School recently welcomed wrestlers from across Pennsylvania to refine their skills and learn more about what the school has to offer. A TNT Wrestling Camp held on May 20 attracted wrestlers of all age levels and abilities.

“Our sole mission was to use wrestling to spread the word about all the opportunities Milton Hershey has to offer,” MHS Head Wrestling Coach and Camp Co-Director Jimmy Taylor said.

Taylor said the camp was held in direct response to a challenge issued by MHS President Pete Gurt ’85 earlier in the school year. Gurt encouraged athletics staff to find innovative ways to expose others to the value of the school’s athletic programs.

“Our sole mission was to use wrestling to spread the word about all the opportunities Milton Hershey School has to offer kids,” Taylor said.

The TNT Wrestling Camp staff included NCAA Division 1 National Champions, all-Americans, a bronze Olympic medal winner, and NCAA Division 1 coaches. The professionals worked with 170 students, including seven from MHS, on proper wrestling techniques.

“The TNT wrestling camp gave me the opportunity to learn from the best,” said MHS 10th grader William Olson. “I believe this experience will benefit my future as a Spartan wrestler because I have seen what the best wrestlers in the world do in person. They helped me have a better understanding of how to perform key moves on the mat.”

MHS 9th grade student Tristan Jaryee noted the TNT Wrestling Camp reinforced important lessons that will benefit him during matches and other aspects of everyday life.

“I learned hard work pays off. The camp really reiterated to me the importance of not giving up,” Tristan said.

MHS also welcomed Beat the Streets to the event, an organization that cultivates youth development in underserved communities through wrestling. Beat the Streets wrestlers from Detroit, Philadelphia, Washington D.C., Baltimore, and Lancaster visited MHS for the camp. After the wrestlers were finished on the mat, they received a tour of the MHS campus.

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