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Milton Hershey School Memorial Hall Drama Club to Present Spring Play

The Milton Hershey School Memorial Hall Drama Club will present “Bed Bugs” on Wednesday, April 5 at 2 p.m. in the Memorial Hall Auditorium. The spring play centers on Marie, a young girl who likes to jump on her bed. To the bedbugs being squished underfoot, she is the wicked witch who causes earthquakes, among other natural disasters.

The microscopic citizens of her bed are up in arms over the rhyme her mother says to her every night before bed: “Good night, sleep tight. Don’t let the bedbugs bite. And if they do, you squeeze them tight, and then they won’t bite tomorrow night.”

Milton Hershey School Memorial Hall Drama Club students practice their spring play.

Peter, an impassioned bedbug, feels they must take action against the witch before the rhyme’s ominous squeezing starts. Patsy, however, prefers a peaceful approach and wants to talk to the witch and work something out. Despite Patsy’s objections, the bedbugs launch a full-scale attack against Marie, prompting her to investigate with her magnifying glass.

To her surprise, there really are bedbugs, and they have something to say! Brave Patsy leads the peace talks, and Marie finally realizes the damage she’s been causing and apologizes. The lessons Marie learns closely align with the MHS 2025 Strategic Plan, also known as the MILT Plan, by modeling character and well-being.

The MHS community can enjoy the results of the elementary students’ months of hard work. The Memorial Hall Spring Play is the perfect way to kick-off Easter Break at MHS.

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