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Making History Fun at Milton Hershey School: Memorial Hall of Presidents and American History

On Wednesday, Feb. 14, Milton Hershey School third graders embraced the upcoming Presidents Day holiday to showcase what they have learned about presidents and famous Americans.

After reading and researching their subject, the students brought their historical icons to life. For the project, each student wrote an informational essay, created a portrait, and crafted a presentation about their subject’s life and legacy. Throughout the process, students gained valuable skills in confidence and communication.

“Most importantly though, they learn how to work hard and that their hard work pays off when they hear the wonderful feedback from their parents/sponsors, houseparents, teachers, and students,” shared MHS Third-Grade Teacher Christopher Swartz.

While students lined the hallways of Memorial Hall with their enlightening posters, props, and even costumes, the MHS community learned fun facts from the students’ presentations. It is also an opportunity for parents/sponsors to celebrate their students’ accomplishments and see how MHS teachers make learning fun.

“This project is special because the students get so excited to present their projects,” said Swartz. “While they are presenting, you can see the pride they take in their work and their sense of accomplishment.”

The Memorial Hall of Presidents and American History has been an annual project for the third-grade classes for more than 10 years and showcases the many ways MHS teachers incorporate creativity, teach responsibility, and encourage a love of learning in our students.

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