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Milton Hershey School Celebrates Rising Ninth-Graders

On Friday, June 7, Milton Hershey School eighth-grade students finished their middle school years and celebrated their accomplishments during Middle Division’s annual promotion ceremony.

President Pete Gurt ’85 welcomed guests and gave an encouraging message to students, parents, and sponsors. He shared how grateful he was for the students sitting in the audience and for the parents and sponsors who partnered with MHS to nurture their students’ success.

TJ Kramer, an MHS eighth-grader, shared what he has learned throughout his time at MHS as he prepares to leave Middle Division and transition to a new chapter at MHS. “If I realize what I want to accomplish, I can do anything I set my mind to,” he said.

MHS student speaks during the Eighth Grade Promotion Ceremony.

Students received awards for their successes in the areas of academics, citizenship, and fitness. The eighth-graders will have the opportunity to explore more activities, fitness options, community service projects, and academic courses as they transition to Senior Division.

Every eighth-grade student received a diploma as a part of the ceremony to honor what they have accomplished thus far and celebrate their transition to high school.

Beautifull Pyatt, an MHS eighth-grader, reflected on the theme of giving from this school year. “I think it is important to show gratitude to Mr. Hershey and our families,” she said.

To conclude the ceremony, Portia Cruz, a rising MHS senior and incoming vice president of the student body, shared a message of encouragement with the rising ninth-graders.

“Setting goals isn’t enough because working hard is the only way to achieve goals,” Portia said.

Congratulations to the 221 eighth-grade students for their hard work and promotion to Senior Division.

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