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What It’s Like to Be a Kid at Milton Hershey School

Milton Hershey School gives students the opportunities and resources to be their greatest selves. Staff provide nurturing guidance and support to assist children with everything from their basic needs to homesickness. Students receive a great education, exposure to many activities, and a safe home with caring houseparents. MHS Elementary Division students share their favorite things about being a kid at MHS.

Ella Ramos, MHS student

Ella, MHS student

It’s super cool to be a kid at MHS. We learn a lot and get to do different kinds of things. Being a kid here means not worrying too much because, at MHS, you don’t have to worry. They give us everything we need. I like being at MHS, living in the student home, and going to school. I’m excited about my future and growing up, but I will miss being a kid, too.

Noah Harvey, MHS student

Noah, MHS student

It’s like living my best life here. We get to learn math and technology, and we have lots of fun. MHS gives us food, clothes, a roof over our heads, and toys to play with. I like being a kid, and I’m excited about the future. I want to be a football player and teach other people math.

Austine Lewis, MHS student

Austine, MHS student

Being a kid at MHS is great. I like playing with others. MHS teaches us a lot of things, and we get to make a lot of friends here. It feels happy having many friends. My favorite part about MHS is we get to meet a lot of people.

Grace Agyemang, MHS student

Grace, MHS student

It feels amazing at MHS because we get to do things that we never did before. I’m excited to be at MHS. My housefather tells us to have fun and be a kid. To have fun, you also have to do the right thing.

Phelan Day, MHS student

Phelan, MHS student

Something I love about being a kid at MHS is that I get to make friends and we are all treated kindly. The school teaches us a lot of stuff, and the houseparents are always kind. My mom doesn’t have to worry because MHS is giving me a better future.

Aubryee Reyes, MHS student

Aubryee, MHS student

MHS helps us be kids because we get to do activities and experience new things. We get a good education. At MHS, we don’t have to worry about where our next meal is going to come from. It’s the best and the safest place for me to be. MHS is also great because our founder Mr. Hershey made chocolate, and I love chocolate.

Being a Kid at Milton Hershey School – No Worries

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