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What Does the World Need?

By Alex, a senior at MHS

The funny thing is, I swear I just got here yesterday – yesterday being six short years ago. Looking back, it went fast. You won’t hear much different from others.

It isn’t so much the time that amazes me, but the sheer quantity of “stuff” I was able to get done. From changing conceptualizations of society and paradigm shifts, to knowledge gained, friendships made and experiences had, there isn’t much my path at Milton Hershey School hasn’t covered. But it’s important to recognize that I cannot take all, or even most, of the credit toward my success.

MHS Kids

I maintain the belief that I am the summation of what adults have invested in me – whether it was time spent analyzing decisions, pondering moral and character dilemmas, or simply devoting time to what I love doing. I can easily say the bulk of the knowledge I’m taking from MHS comes from them.

As my friend often reminds me, life is 10 percent what we know and 90 percent who we know. MHS takes care of the 10 percent with relative ease, but it’s the 90 percent so often missed by many that sets MHS apart. Anyone can learn and complete the coursework required for a diploma, but how many do so while forging bonds in an association as unique as this? For example, I can reach out at any time to our President for absolutely anything on my mind, and I don’t feel uncomfortable or expect a half-hearted response. From the top down, MHS has support and love flowing through its veins – and you can ask my friends, I’m not considered a sentimental person, and I’m not known to sugarcoat.

In my immediate future, I am moving on to New York University (NYU) to study engineering – specifically a subset of Environmental Engineering. I’m taking with me an understanding of sociology and the comprehension of what a real-life network looks like.

Graduate Students

As I prepare to graduate and leave MHS, I will carry with me this question: what does the world need in another good engineer?

In fact, anyone from a musician to a teacher to a husband can fill in that blank. In all my endeavors, I will remember to ask myself what the world needs in another talented, hard-working individual in my field and aspire to be that individual. It is my hope that others identify their passion and apply it in a similar fashion.

And of course, thank you, Milton and Catherine Hershey. Your selflessness is scarce today, but you have been the cause of so much good in this world.

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