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Staying Active This Summer

By Ty’John, a junior at MHS

At home, my environment isn’t the best. There are drug dealers on corners, little kids doing whatever they want with no parents, and every now and then you hear gunshots. But in my neighborhood, everyone knows each other and we watch out for each other. My summers at home are less organized because most things happen on the go. I don’t have to follow a set of rules.

When I go home, I look forward to seeing my family and friends but I miss being so active. There are a lot of times I do nothing and end up falling behind.

Ty'John completing his summer internshipDuring breaks, I keep in touch with people in my student home and some friends at MHS. These relationships help me so that I have good friends back at school.

At MHS, everything is very structured and planned out. This summer, I completed an internship through the school at the Public Defender’s Office. I’m interested in the law field and would like to be a criminal defense attorney. Once I found out I was eligible for the internship program, I realized it would be a good experience to see if this is the field I want to pursue in the future instead of waiting until I go to college.

Being at the Public Defender’s Office allowed me to see how many attorneys get their start and how plea deals and trials work. I learned skills such as court room etiquette, legal terms, and how to handle different cases. My favorite part of the internship was seeing how the court process differs from TV shows. If I needed help, the public defenders were willing to help me find information.

MHS helped me prepare for the internship by giving me a general idea of how the workplace would be.

My goal after graduation is to go to college and study political science or pre-law. This internship will give me a head start in law terms, court room etiquette, and reliable sources.

Ty’John enrolled at MHS in seventh grade from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

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