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Split Schedule

By Kennedy, an MHS sophomore

This summer, I went home for the first three weeks of break, and I worked for a summer day camp with kids in my hometown of Pittsburgh. Summer break was pretty busy! I worked each weekday from 8 a.m. to 4:15 p.m. and then as soon as I got home, I would work on my geometry work.

Kennedy, an MHS sophomore

Home for Summer

Home is very different from MHS for me. At MHS, I feel like I can be myself a bit more. Since I’m not in Pittsburgh all the time, I do not have many friends there anymore.

MHS is where I find myself being my happiest. I have so many people surrounding me who are here to help. It feels like I’m always on the move.

My transition from MHS to home doesn’t feel like a transition anymore. The good thing about MHS is the structure so you know when and what you’re doing. It helps keep me organized. Now going into my seventh year at MHS, it becomes more like a routine. You know what breaks you’re going home for, and you know when you’re going to be at school.

Back at School

For the last three weeks of my summer break, I came back on campus to take part in a Geometry Summer Enrichment course. Coming back to MHS during the summer isn’t as bad as some people might think it is. You have your independence and freedom. You also have times when you can have fun with the other people who you might be living with. The environment is more laidback and a time to enjoy.

I signed up to take a geometry course this summer so I can move onto Algebra 2 during my upcoming sophomore year. I wanted to take this class because I find that I work well with numbers, and after graduation, I’m thinking about becoming a math teacher.

Summer Reflections

My favorite part about summer was being able to work with the kids at the day camp back home, and trying to make a positive impact on their lives. Working with kids is a happy place for me. They are so much fun, and they keep me going! I also liked coming back to campus and taking my geometry class with other students who I haven’t connected with as much during the school year. I’ve made new friends through this program, and spending these last three weeks of summer with them was all worth it.

Summer sunrise

Kennedy enrolled at MHS in fourth grade from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

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