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Serving Others With Love

By Brandi, a senior at MHS

I don’t think there are enough words in the dictionary to describe the impact of serving others and going out of your way to help someone. A simple “hello” or “How are you doing today?” goes a long way. This really motivates me and makes me want to do more for our community, so I like to volunteer.

Volunteering has helped me realize the amazing impact of serving others with love and what it does for everyone around me, including myself. I remember the feeling of knowing I made another person smile or made their day better. It’s indescribable and hard to forget—it makes me want to keep doing it again and again.

The word “love” is a powerful word that is thrown around a lot and sometimes said without meaning. I think it should be used to describe how deeply we feel about someone or something from the bottom of our hearts. For instance, we should all love our community and we should be respectful and kind to everyone— even if it’s someone we don’t know.

No one is perfect and we all have bad days, but you never know what someone is going through. Sometimes, the people we don’t know are the ones who will make us feel the most satisfied inside.

Being able to “love” someone seems like a lot of work and something that can be difficult to do, and there are always going to be people who do not want to accept kindness. My best advice is to keep showing them kindness.

My favorite thing about serving others is the gut feeling I get inside knowing that I was the one who turned a stranger’s day around or I was the one who helped the girl who dropped her books in the hallway. I truly believe this is the best feeling and it fills an empty hole in my heart.

Brandi enrolled at MHS in ninth grade from McAdoo, Pennsylvania.

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